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Uptime Alliance

In the Uptime Alliance Program, we work together on complementary and integrated solutions to add value for our customers.

We have carefully chosen Uptime Alliance partners with the same vision: To provide 100% uptime and unparalleled customer experience.

Our Alliance Partners

The integration of Paessler’s IT Monitoring platform with MachineShop Edge provides enterprises with a simple and unified view of enterprise technology – both IT and OT.

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A combination of Kentix MultiSensor® technology and Paessler’s PRTG provides the ideal solution to monitor all major physical hazards in IT rooms and racks such as critical climate factors, fire or burglary.

WatchGuard offers a line of network security appliances. With Paessler’s PRTG you are able to remotely monitor Watchguard firewalls, so you always have an eye on your Firebox’s availability.


With ScriptRunner from AppSphere Paessler integrates a powerful event automation platform into PRTG Network Monitor.

Paessler and Plixer provide a complete solution adding flow and metadata analysis to a powerful network monitoring tool.

With AnyDesk Paessler integrates the fastest remote desktop solution on the market into PRTG Network Monitor.


Our System Integration Partners



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