Monitor Siemens Simatic S7 PLCs
with Softing and PRTG


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Softing and PRTG:
Condition monitoring in production environments


Digitalization is providing a whole new range of possibilities for the manufacturing industry. In the past, a flashing red light was used to indicate a problem with a machine. Today, new communication possibilities allow for IT monitoring systems to integrate production machines and facilities into centralized monitoring environments, thereby expanding upon or replacing the flashing red light with modern tools such as SMSs, email, push notifications, or connections to ticketing and alerting systems. However, this integration is contingent upon two things:

  • A monitoring solution that masters protocols
    for communication with OT environments
  • A solution that can capture data in OT environments and forward it to IT


Siemens Simatic S7 PLCs are among the most widely used controllers in industrial environments, where they are more or less considered a standard. S7 controllers collect a great deal of data directly from machines. Thanks to the collaboration between Paessler and Softing, it is now extremely easy to integrate Siemens S7 devices (and thus large parts of production) into a centralized condition monitoring system.


Softing and PRTG: S7 monitoring made easy


Softing provides the basis for data exchange and automation in OT environments with its gateways and OPC Suite. Siemens Simatic S7 controllers are easy to integrate via the interface of the Softing gateways. The data to be queried is simply selected via a graphical interface.

The Paessler PRTG monitoring tool is compatible with OPC UA, which means it can also be easily integrated with the Softing gateways. The data selected from the S7 controllers is transferred via secure OPC UA through firewalls from the Softing gateways (or OPC Suite) to PRTG, where it is displayed as sensors. Threshold values can be defined in PRTG which, when exceeded, trigger the sending of alerts and notifications (SMS, email, etc.) to the designated recipients. At the same time, the collected data is displayed in easy-to-read graphs or published as reports.

The PRTG Maps feature allows for the straightforward creation of HTML-based maps which, among other things, pinpoint the location of the monitored machines on a map of the building. With just one PRTG installation, it’s possible to monitor multiple locations and IT/OT environments, as well as building technology and environmental sensor systems. As a result, distributed production facilities, data centers, office buildings, and IT infrastructures and networks can be consolidated in a single overview.

Example: temperature and humidity sensors in production areas, as well as security cameras and door-locking systems, can be included in the centralized monitoring environment. When it comes to IT, data paths are also monitored such that transmission delays can be immediately attributed to the IT/OT network or the machine.

This facilitates troubleshooting in the event of malfunctions and is a basic prerequisite for successful digitalization.


Customers of Paessler and Softing
enjoy a number of advantages:

Quick and easy setup of condition
monitoring – ideal when retrofitting
older production plants

Centralized overview of production,
building technology, and IT

Significant reduction in response times
to malfunctions in production


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Monitor Siemens Simatic PLCs with Paessler PRTG and Softing


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