The mioty alliance and Paessler make it easy to monitor IoT and IIoT

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mioty alliance


Innovation and experience

For the past few years, topics such as digitalization, Industry 4.0, and the Internet of Things have been dominating the tech news, where they are often treated as miracle solutions. Yet these concepts can also create a great deal of misunderstanding and confusion. They can include everything from simple devices that measure room temperature and send data to a central location for evaluation, to innovative building management solutions and extremely complex processes and applications for industrial use. For each of these solutions, the following requirements apply:

  • Measured data must be transported from the sensor to the network server in the cloud, where it is analyzed – often over long distances and without a cable infrastructure.
  • The transport routes of the coded data must be monitored and secured.
  • Data must be decoded, evaluated, and displayed.

mioty and Paessler work in perfect harmony to provide simple solutions for complex issues.

mioty alliance

With mioty, the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany has taken LPWAN technology to a whole new level: mioty provides all the usual benefits of LPWAN – including the ability to transmit small data packets over relatively long distances with a minimal amount of energy – but also allows for larger amounts of data to be sent and increases reliability.

The mioty alliance is composed of companies that use mioty to create innovative IoT and IIoT solutions such as the retrofitting of industrial environments, condition monitoring in buildings, and tools for farms or smart cities. Whenever data needs to be sent securely over large distances, the mioty alliance offers just the right solution.


As a developer of monitoring software for more than 20 years, Paessler has long been considered one of the world's leading manufacturers of IT monitoring tools. Today, Paessler is drawing from its extensive IT expertise to develop all-new monitoring solutions. In addition to environmental parameters in data centers, our products can now be used, among other things, to monitor the quality of water in shrimp farms or the conditions of homes and buildings. Paessler solutions are made impressive by their outstanding functionality, usability, and value for the money.


This is how Paessler Building Monitor works

How it works

IoT monitoring with Paessler and mioty

As a member of the mioty alliance, Paessler combines monitoring software with mioty technology to provide a number of key advantages for users


Simple and cost-effective monitoring of availability and conditions in IoT environments.


Clear visualization of the data, sophisticated alerting and reporting mechanisms, wide range of supported protocols and technologies.



Fast and affordable implementation thanks to extensive standardization.


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