IT infrastructure without borders – 
Everything under control with Kentix and PRTG

A combination of Paessler PRTG Network Monitor and KentixMultiSensor 
offers you the ideal solution for monitoring your entire IT infrastructure 
– including all important physical characteristics of the server room.


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High temperature and strong humidity can have a massive impact on the reliability, performance and service life of IT components. Comprehensive IT monitoring should therefore include environmental parameters.

As part of the technological alliances, Kentix, with its MultiSensor technology, and PRTG as a network monitoring system, combine two solutions that will lead you to comprehensive IT infrastructure monitoring. You will be safeguarded against all major threats, with redundant alarming, while keeping installation, configuration and maintenance resources to a minimum.

PRTG offers IT infrastructure monitoring around the clock. This ensures the availability and performance of your switches, firewalls or applications.

In addition to classic IT problems, there are also concrete physical threats. With Kentix’s MultiSensor technology, you can monitor numerous environmental parameters such as humidity, temperature or burglary.

PRTG uses dedicated sensors to integrate the Kentix MultiSensors into the monitoring system. This way, all important parameters and critical conditions of your IT infrastructure can be shown on one dashboard.

Aside from alarms via Email, SNMP or push for mobile devices, the Kentix AlarmManager can be used as an SMS gateway for PRTG. The advantage:

If the request fails several times in a row, the AlarmManager sends out an alarm – not via the network in this case, but via SMS. This ensures that network problems can be identified and remedied at an early stage.



For Paessler and Kentix customers this means:

  • Complete IT infrastructure monitoring for all major threats
  • Monitoring of IT infrastructure and environmental values on one dashboard
  • Smooth integration through the compatibility of systems
  • Manageable investment - ROI if only one outage can be avoided
  • Long-term optimization of the infrastructure based on collected monitoring data

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Solution benefits


benefits improved white

Improved visibility

Complete IT infrastructure monitoring
for all major threats.

benefits savings white

Manageable investment

ROI if only one
outage can be avoided.

benefits perational white

Smooth integration

through the compatibility of systems.


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security for the data center


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360° security for the data center

Are you looking for an easy way to monitor the environment in your datacenter? Find out how ingeniously easy it can be with PRTG and the Kentix AlarmManager:



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About PRTG

With PRTG, Paessler offers a powerful, affordable and easy-to-use unified monitoring tool. Over 500,000 administrators worldwide use our software, whether it be to monitor their server performance, virtual environments, or even the accessibility of their websites. PRTG is a network analysis solution for Windows.

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About Kentix

Kentix is a manufacturer of professional monitoring solutions for the security of IT rooms, data centers and mission critical infrastructure. Kentix develops and manufactures its products exclusively in Germany with the highest quality standards. Authorities and enterprises from all sectors of the economy secure their IT systems against all major physical threats with the Kentix MultiSensor Technology.

The Kentix MultiSensor merges many different sensors in one functional unit and makes it very efficient compared to the market.

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