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What Is An SNMP Trap Receiver?

An SNMP Trap Receiver listens to the SNMP Traps that are being sent by a managed device in a network to the network management station. The monitored devices send the SNMP Trap without being asked in order to notify the managing system of an event.

How Does PRTG Monitor SNMP Trap Port?

One of PRTG's many supported sensor types is the SNMP Trap Receiver: the network devices send SNMP Traps without being asked when an event occurs. PRTG collects these messages stored in a high performance database, and analyzes their content. Depending on the content of the SNMP Trap, PRTG can then trigger an alert. This can be a sound that is being played, an email or SMS being sent, an external program being executed etc. (Similar to PRTG's free syslog server).

PRTG helps you to keep on top of your network, by getting the information that is important to you. You only need to create filters in the sensor settings to separate important from less important notifications: you do not have to go through all of them manually, and you can rest assured that you will not miss any important notification. The SNMP Trap Receiver can be used in probe devices or on a device directly.  It opens a UDP port on a probe and waits for SNMP Traps, and then processes the information.

PRTG gives you the possibility to define individually which types of messages will be considered as a "Warning" or "Error". For example, let a message with a severity of 4 switch the sensor into a Warning status, and all severities below into an Error status. This way, you get an alarm immediately depending on your needs.

SNMP Trap Server - error warning SNMP Trap Server: Error warning

Downloading and Installing the SNMP Trap Monitor

Downloading and installing your SNMP Trap monitor only takes a few minutes. PRTG runs on all Windows versions (Windows 7 or later). An install wizard will take you through the installation process, and with auto discovery, your sensors can start monitoring your network in a matter of minutes.

However, PRTG is far more than just an SNMP Trap Receiver to monitor some SNMP Trap Port. With more than 200 supported sensor types, Paessler's powerful network and server monitoring software ensures the availability of network components.

PRTG can monitor network traffic, packet loss and packet delay, and is a great tool for network utilization monitoring. PRTG is also a packet sniffer, NetFlow analyzer and a syslog server for Windows.

Our network monitoring software is available in two editions. For basic network monitoring, the Freeware Edition may be downloaded and used for personal and commercial use completely free of charge (this includes, of course, the SNMP Trap receiver). Need more sensors to monitor a larger IT infrastructure? See our commercial licenses here.


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