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  • Monitor patches & updates in your network, including Windows
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PRTG makes Windows update & patch checking easy

Custom alerts and data visualization make it easy to monitor, identify, and prevent system updating issues.



Greater software and operating system security with PRTG update checker

Paessler PRTG’s professional update and patch monitoring improves your network security and gives you peace of mind by ensuring your active operating systems and applications are always up-to-date.


Software and operating systems constantly evolve as weak spots are eliminated and security loopholes are closed. You must quickly add security updates and patches in order to remove dangerous entryways into your systems.


With PRTG in the background, you no longer need to manually check for the latest versions, and you can rest assured that everything is in order with your Windows system and other hosts.


3 update problems you can avoid by using PRTG


PRTG helps you keep track of your entire network to avoid missing updates. IT infrastructures tend to expand over the years with new servers, routers, workstations, and other devices from different manufacturers.

Because they’re added to the network at different times, they often run on different versions of an OS or on different systems. Plus, the same patch or update is not always required for every computer. Avoid these update issues with PRTG.


Errors during installations

PRTG helps you avoid errors during installations. Like backups, many updates are performed at night to prevent them from disrupting a company’s daily business.

However, if errors occur at night, they’re not always detected the next morning. The PRTG automatic update and patch checker keeps system administrators in the know so you can avoid costly errors.


PRTG helps you close security loopholes and avoid security risks due to outdated software. Without an update and patch checker, security loopholes can quickly crop up in the network – and firewalls and antivirus software often provide for little or no defense against network attacks.

PRTG update and patch monitoring helps system administrators keep their systems secure.








What update & patch monitoring looks like in PRTG

Diagnose network issues by continuously monitoring software updates and patches. Show faulty or incomplete updates in real time and visualize data in graphic maps & dashboards to identify problems more easily. Gain the visibility you need to troubleshoot errors during the installation of updates.


Easily find the source of the problem with our PRTG software update monitoring solution

Real-time alerts and custom notifications make it easy to solve issues with updating and patching systems and applications.




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4 reasons to choose PRTG as your update checking tool

A complete dashboard overview

Get an easy, visualized dashboard overview of the status of your software and operating system, as well as any updates and patches that were successful or failed.

Fast automatic

Should an update fail or security patches become available, you will be notified immediately by email, SMS, or whatever mode you choose.

Automation for a lighter workload

By relying on PRTG sensors and notifications, you no longer need to lose precious time manually checking each and every case.

Better security to avoid weak spots

Thanks to the additional safeguarding of your update process, you can ensure critical weak spots are eliminated as quickly as possible to bolster your network security.


3 preconfigured sensors for Windows update checking in PRTG

Windows Updates Status (PowerShell)

The Windows Updates Status (PowerShell) sensor tells you when the last update was performed on an individual device. It also displays the Windows updates that have already been installed and notifies you if updates are missing or critical updates have yet to be installed – all displayed in your dashboard overview.

WMI Security Center Sensor

The WMI Security Center sensor monitors the security status of a Windows client computer via WMI. It can monitor all security products that are controlled by Windows Security Center / Windows Action Center. It will also send you a message if Windows Defender – the Windows virus scanner – is no longer up-to-date.

WSUS Statistics

The WSUS Statistics sensor monitors the Windows Server Updates Services (WSUS) Server, or the server that distributes all Windows updates. It collects and consolidates various statistics on all your devices and provides you with a comprehensive overview. For example, you can see which computers still need updates or where errors have occurred.


Go beyond update and patch monitoring with PRTG

Free update and patch checker

Just want to ensure your operating system is always up-to-date? If so, then the free version of PRTG is for you. It comes with 100 sensors, alerting and reporting functionality, and many other features. Download PRTG, create your sensors, and get started with free limited monitoring.

All-in-one network monitoring tool

Want to monitor your entire IT infrastructure? PRTG can also keep a constant eye on the status of your network, applications, bandwidth, traffic, and more. Our comprehensive monitoring software comes with a customizable alarm system that alerts you to disruptions or malfunctions before they become emergencies.


Start update monitoring with PRTG and see how it can make your network more reliable and your job easier.


Your software update monitor at a glance – even on the go

Set up PRTG in minutes and use it on almost any mobile device.


PRTG comes with all the features you need, plus more your IT infrastructure won't want to live without.



PRTG monitors these vendors and applications in one view!


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Create innovative solutions with Paessler’s partners

Partnering with innovative vendors, Paessler unleashes synergies to create
new and additional benefits for joined customers.


baramundi and PRTG create a secure, reliable and powerful IT infrastructure where you have everything under control - from the traffic in your firewall to the configuration of your clients.

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Integrating monitoring results from PRTG into NetBrain maps makes the foundation for network automation.

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Combine PRTG's monitoring of everything with SQmediator’s deep insights into your communications infrastructure to ensure and improve your company’s communications plant and troubleshooting abilities.

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PRTG makes Windows update & patch checking easy

Custom alerts and data visualization make it easy to monitor, identify, and prevent system updating issues.


Monitor software updates & patches: FAQ


What is patch monitoring?

Patches are offered for operating systems and software. They are usually made available when an error is detected which must be fixed at once. Such errors often include security loopholes. Windows, for example, can offer several patches in one package. Each patch detected by the PRTG patch checker has a different version number.

What is update monitoring?

Updates are also used to optimize programs. But unlike patches, they are scheduled in advance and do not take place at once. Updates (or “upgrades”) are offered when new features become available for a system or piece of software. They therefore upgrade and enhance programs. The program is updated and receives a new version number.

Why should I check for updates and patches?

Checking for updates and patches is crucial for several reasons, primarily related to the security, performance, and functionality of your software, operating systems, and applications. Here are some key reasons why you should regularly update and patch your systems:

  • Developers release updates and patches to fix security vulnerabilities discovered in their software.
  • Updates and patches often include fixes for bugs and glitches present in earlier versions.
  • As technology evolves, software developers update their products to ensure compatibility with the latest hardware and operating systems.
  • Updates often introduce new features, enhancements, or improvements to existing functionality.
  • Updates may include security measures to protect your data.
  • Software vendors typically provide support for the latest versions of their products.

How does checking updates with PRTG work?

A sensor scans your operating systems for their current version, then inquires online as to the most current version available. If the two do not match, you will be notified or an update will be arranged. An example: PRTG includes the preconfigured Windows Updates Status (PowerShell) sensor so you can be sure your Windows OS is always up-to-date.

What is a sensor in PRTG?

In PRTG, “sensors” are the basic monitoring elements. One sensor usually monitors one measured value in your network, for example the traffic of a switch port, the CPU load of a server, or the free space on a disk drive.

On average, you need about 5-10 sensors per device or one sensor per switch port.


PRTG the multi-tool

PRTG: The multi-tool for sysadmins

Adapt PRTG individually and dynamically to your needs and rely on a strong API:

  • HTTP API: Access monitoring data and manipulate monitoring objects via HTTP requests
  • Custom sensors: Create your own PRTG sensors for customized monitoring
  • Custom notifications: Create your own notifications and send action triggers to external systems
  • REST Custom sensor: Monitor almost everything that provides data in XML or JSON format


More than just a monitoring tool:
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