PRTG Network Monitor Optimizes Virtual Computing Environments

Los Angeles, CA and Nuremberg, Germany (December 15, 2009) – The rapid adoption of virtualization has enabled businesses of all sizes to realize incredible operational and cost efficiencies. However, the technologies and resources required demand that a move to virtualization be carefully planned and implemented to reduce the risk of failure in the system. A single server failure or the unexpected loss of a network connection can have a crippling effect on any number of mission-critical business applications and processes across all associated virtual machines.

Paessler AG’s PRTG Network Monitor provides the comprehensive real-time monitoring necessary to ensure the reliability and stability of virtual environments. With specially-designed sensors that can be quickly and easily deployed in minutes, PRTG Network Monitor provides continuous collection and analysis of network data across virtualized applications and servers.

“To ensure a successful virtualization rollout, it’s important to identify the CPU/memory load, hard disk usage and network capacity requirements of the applications to be included in the virtual infrastructure before implementation even begins,” said Dirk Paessler, CEO of Paessler AG. “PRTG can provide this beforehand knowledge, allowing administrators to assess the impact virtualization will have on the relevant servers before they become overloaded and fail unexpectedly.”

Effective Resource Planning

PRTG Network Monitor can help identify and assess the current and expected resource load on each network connection or host server, based on historic usage data, to prevent proliferation of too many virtual machines on a single host server and head off a system crash. Customizable thresholds may be set to restrict utilization at 75 percent, for example, and an automatic alert can be configured to notify administrators when the threshold has been reached. Besides preventing overuse of critical resources, PRTG can optimize usage by identifying host servers that are being underutilized to better balance server load and leverage existing hardware to its fullest potential.

“With PRTG in place before and after virtualization, companies can be confident that the quality of service lives up to their expectations,” Paessler added.

Monitoring Current Technologies

As a VMware partner, Paessler AG effectively and efficiently monitors virtual servers based upon VMware technology, including VMware compatible technologies such as Microsoft HyperV, XEN, Parallels Virtuozzo Containers, Amazon EC2 and many others. The new CloudWatch Sensor from PRTG enables transparent monitoring of performance data and status when “cloud hosting” one or more servers, as with Amazon EC2 for example. For this, the system makes use of Amazon’s CloudWatch service.

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