Paessler Presents Partners with APAC Top Partner Excellence Award 2020



Asia Pacific – 26 January 2021 – Paessler announced Paessler Top Partner Excellence Award 2020 in
recognising the contributions of its value-added resellers (VAR) in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

Paessler, the Monitoring Experts, presented the APAC Top Partner Excellence Award 2020 to its regional partners in
Asia Pacific to recognise their commitment and contribution to Paessler’s business despite the challenges faced in
the past year.

In alphabetical order, these are the nine Asia Pacific partners of Paessler, who received the awards in December:

  • Anchorwave Co., (South Korea)
  • Gammer Group (Australia)
  • Hwacom (Taiwan)
  • Infocan Computer (Hong Kong)
  • IT Essentials (Thailand)
  • Jupiter Technology Corporation (Japan)
  • PT Daya Cipta Mandiri Solusi (Indonesia)
  • SecuNM Co., (South Korea)
  • TSG Service and Trading Company (Vietnam)


The award recipients were the top-performers for 2020 and were recognised for their business contributions to
Paessler despite the difficulties faced by many organisations in navigating the new normal resulting from COVID-19.

“Our partners play a significant role in our business. They help to strengthen our brand and business especially in
markets where we don’t have a direct presence,” said Jürgen Thiel, Paessler’s Head of Global Sales and Business

He added, “The Paessler APAC Top Partner Excellence Award was given to all our partners in recognition of their
exceptional business performance. Despite 2020 being a challenging year, our partners displayed resilience and
creativity in how they approached the market despite the limitations faced and continued to demonstrate their highest
commitment to deliver. The spirit, drive and hard work demonstrated by these partners have made Paessler what it
is today. We are deeply appreciative of our partnership with them. They set the best standards for the rest of our
APAC partners to strive to emulate.”

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