When data creates knowledge: the combined analytical strength of Paessler PRTG and Qbilon


Nuremberg, Germany, October 9, 2023– With over 1,200 employees and 24 subsidiaries, the global IT and OT environment of the German engineering company KTR Systems GmbH has become increasingly complex and challenging to manage. With monitoring solutions like PRTG already implemented, Qbilon enabled KTR Systems to have an automated bird’s eye view of their IT and OT landscape. Paessler AG acquired the IT startup Qbilon from Augsburg, Germany, in early 2023, and the combined potential of both companies’ software solutions proves to have great potential – best illustrated in the showcase of KTR Systems.

“I see Qbilon as a strategic investment – because data on its own is just data, but Qbilon tells me what to do with it,“ said Olaf Korbanek, Head of IT at KTR Systems. “In a complex and evolving industry, I need a dynamic overview that enables me to plan with foresight. From that perspective, it is possible to establish an emergency concept, reduce the workload of my employees, develop my IT landscape sustainably, and save money in the long run. Qbilon is basically business intelligence for my IT department.”

While monitoring tools like Paessler PRTG offer the data input, Qbilon enables automated up-to-date documentation of the provided information. It automatically detects and tracks all components of a complex, global IT, OT, and IoT environment. This task is traditionally time consuming, and documentation can often be outdated by the time it is created – automated documentation therefore has multiple advantages over manual creation.

Olaf Korbanek, Head of IT at KTR
Systems GmbH




“The combination of Paessler’s decades-long experience in IT, OT, and IoT monitoring paired with the fresh perspective of a young company like Qbilon has incredible potential.”

Helmut Binder, CEO of Paessler


The synergetic combination of data detection, visualization of dependencies, and the generation of reports are key components of modern IT environments. KTR Systems efficiently manages high-impact system changes like the implementation of a new SAP logistics gateway, with Qbilon to show them the affected systems and dependencies and reduce the complexity of that information. For KTR Sytems, PRTG’s monitoring data functions  like a map, whereas Qbilon enables smart navigation through the complex landscapes.

“The combination of Paessler’s decades-long experience in IT, OT, and IoT monitoring paired with the fresh perspective of a young company like Qbilon has incredible potential, shown in this use case with KTR Systems,” said Helmut Binder, CEO of Paessler. “Both solutions combined offers an automated, up-to-date overview of complex IT environments. It saves workload for IT departments and in the long run saves costs by enabling the right strategic decisions.”


Helmut Binder, CEO of Paessler


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