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Monitoring of industrial gateways
with PRTG


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    PRTG displays the operating status
    of gateways

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    PRTG visualizes data
    in real-time
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    PRTG supports protocols like JSON and MQTT
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    PRTG supports standards like OPC UA and
    Modbus TCP
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    PRTG enables predictive maintenance







PRTG in the IT/OT world

PRTG is a powerful tool for getting the status and information from gateways in your IT/OT infrastructure. It's easy to install and helps unify the monitoring of IT and OT infrastructures, establish new processes, and optimize existing ones.

You can not only monitor production processes, but also visualize data in real time. In addition, PRTG offers customized alarm management with different notification methods to inform the right teams at the right time.


How PRTG supports monitoring gateways


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    Uses Node-RED as a
    link between OT and IT
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    Supports gateways from
    well-known manufacturers
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    Provides a wide range of
    alerting methods
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    Offers a RESTful API to easily integrate IIoT devices


Get an overview of OT network components in your supervisory and control systems

You want the FULL overview of your OT environment in your supervisory and control systems – including the network components like routers, switches, firewalls, and more. Paessler PRTG OPC UA Server brings monitoring data from your OT network and the IIoT into your control overview to give you centralized monitoring and alarms. See everything in one place.



What are industrial gateways?


Gateways act as intermediaries between systems that use different protocols – in other words, they are links between systems that are not necessarily compatible, and thus enable communication between them.

In an industrial environment, gateways can be connected to various elements on the factory floor, and they are responsible for aggregating data and sending it to various end points. This means that they are the key to accessing important data about the production process.



“With PRTG and our OT know-how, we can monitor anything.
To be honest, the only limit is your own imagination.”

Pascal Vercammen, Digitalization & IT Department Manager at Process Automation Solutions


Why you should connect your gateways with PRTG

Precise information helps in case of emergency

In an industrial IT environment, it is essential to provide the right person with the right information when there is a problem or failure. PRTG enables reliable and customized alerting through a variety of notification options such as Syslog messaging, Slack, Microsoft Teams, email, SMS or push notifications. Through a combination of a robust roles and permissions system and flexible notification options, PRTG ensures that problems or outages are noticed by the person responsible in the shortest possible time.

Through customizable maps and dashboards in PRTG, user-defined icons and visualizations can be used in addition to the predefined icons, so that technicians and engineers can see the information that is important to them at a glance, and take the required action.

See our detailed how-to guide for gateway monitoring.

One monitoring solution for 2 worlds – IT & OT

Monitoring solutions traditionally focus on IT-only infrastructure. PRTG changes that and offers you the possibility to monitor IT and OT infrastructure with just one tool. Gateways offer the possibility to integrate communication-enabled devices, systems and machines into existing IP networks. To also enable the monitoring of older machines, various solution providers regularly bring new retrofit solutions like multi-purpose sensors to the market.

By using flexible gateways, a great deal can be achieved in the as-is state. With a suitable gateway, even older systems can be integrated into modern automated processes without having to fundamentally change the existing control hardware. With PRTG, we also offer solutions that enable the integration of IIoT scenarios beyond standard IT monitoring through a documented API and support for various protocols such as MQTT
or JSON.


PRTG offers several sensors to monitor gateways

 i How PRTG defines sensors

In PRTG, “sensors” are the basic monitoring elements. One sensor usually monitors one measured value in your network, e.g. the traffic of a switch port, the CPU load of a server, the free space of a disk drive. On average you need about 5-10 sensors per device or one sensor per switch port.

View video (3:26 min.)


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Your gateway monitoring at a glance – even while on the go

Set up PRTG in minutes and use it on almost any mobile device.


PRTG comes with all the features you need, plus more your IT infrastructure won't want to live without.



PRTG monitors these vendors and applications in one view!


vendors vm ware



Trusted by 500,000 users and recognized
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“Fantastic network and infrastructure monitoring solution that is easy to deploy and easier still to use. Simply the best available.”

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“Software is absolutely perfect, Support is superior. Meets all needs and requirements, this is a must have solution if you are needing any form of monitoring.”

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“The tool excels at its primary focus of being a unified infrastructure management and network monitoring service.”

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Create innovative solutions with Paessler’s partners

Partnering with innovative vendors, Paessler unleashes synergies to create
new and additional benefits for joined customers.


Rhebo and PRTG offer a comprehensive monitoring solution for IT and OT environments: from condition monitoring through to anomaly and threat detection.

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A combination of Orchestra and PRTG provides the ideal solution to monitor the traditional IT Infrastructure as well as the central communication server in hospitals and industrial environments.

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Siemon and Paessler bring together intelligent building technology and advanced monitoring and make your vision of intelligent buildings and data centers become reality.

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Where are gateways used?

environmental technology

Gateways for environmental technology

Gateways are used in a wide variety of industries and enable not only the integration of equipment into an existing network but also communication via the Internet. Sectors such as mechanical and plant engineering, energy management, water and environmental technology, and building automation services benefit from their use. This means that existing equipment does not necessarily have to be replaced by new equipment in order to be ready for the latest technology. Retrofitting can upgrade existing equipment to a level that enables it to join the world of IIoT.

Remote control

Remote control

Plants or machines can be maintained and controlled remotely. Technicians do not have to be sent out immediately to check on site every time an error message occurs but can be sent out specifically and only when required. This means that operators can be deployed efficiently, and downtime can be reduced.

Increase of productivity

Increase of productivity

In addition to maintenance, gateways also enable remote control of production systems or machines. This increases productivity, saves costs and enables access no matter where they are located. Particularly in the times of digitalization, these possibilities are becoming increasingly important.


PRTG makes your job easier

Our monitoring software frees you to focus on other tasks by promptly notifying you of potential issues.


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Save effort

PRTG gives you one central monitoring tool for your servers and entire network. Enjoy a quick overview of your whole infrastructure via our dashboard and app.

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Save time

Getting started with PRTG is a breeze. Setting up or switching from another network monitoring tool is easy thanks to the auto-discovery and pre-configured device templates.

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Save money

80% of our customers report substantial cost savings with network monitoring. Your costs of licenses will likely pay for themselves within weeks.



“Easy to implement and configure with good technical support.”

R. v. S., ICT Manager at Heinen & Hopman Eng BV



Network Monitoring Software - Version (May 2nd, 2024)


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