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Monitoring IoT with
PRTG and Node-RED

With the PRTG Node-RED Connector, Paessler opens a new dimension of monitoring
for IIoT and IoT environments. Really? Really! Read why and how…




Bringing together IT and IoT

Paessler has created a native PRTG Node-RED Connector that can be used within Node-RED
automation flows. This offers new opportunities for IoT, the industry, and IT professionals:



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Advanced monitoring
for IoT

Do you already use Node-RED? With PRTG, you get access to a powerful monitoring solution to integrate your monitoring of IoT and IIoT environments - simply and affordably.

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IT and IoT
in one dashboard

By integrating IoT devices into PRTG via Node-RED, you get a single dashboard for IT, IoT, and IIoT, with an overview of your IoT devices, your IoT data, and your IT infrastructure and network.

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Enhance your
IT monitoring with IoT

Complete your business process visibility by combining monitoring data of your IT, environmental, manufacturing, and IIoT infrastructures in your PRTG installation.




More than 20 years of monitoring experience

PRTG Network Monitor from Paessler delivers one of the most mature and established IT monitoring solutions in the world. More than 200,000 IT professionals worldwide rely on PRTG to assure availability and performance of their IT.

  • Comprehensive infrastructure monitoring feature set
  • Native GUI support for web, Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
  • Flexible and customizable with API and custom templates
  • Support for all common alerting and publishing standards: from email and push notifications, through to historical reports in CSV or PDF
  • Affordable prices and simple licensing: every license is fully featured


Connecting IoT the easy way

Node-RED is an open-source, flow-based, visual programming tool, and is widely used in the IIoT and IoT world. It allows the easy automation of processes for manufacturing, IoT hardware devices, APIs, and services. Predefined nodes form the basis for drag-and-drop programming.

  • Industry proven open source automation platform
  • Simple visual programming via drag & drop
  • Based on Node.js, JSON, and MQTT

How PRTG Node-RED Connector works

With this connector, you can seamlessly integrate data from your automation processes, machines,
environmental monitoring devices, 
industry, and IoT hardware into PRTG by simply dragging and dropping. 


Start your journey now!

In 3 easy steps:

Download and install PRTG:

Create your HTTP IoT Push Data Advanced sensor: learn how in our PRTG manual.


Install and set up Node-RED in a Microsoft environment.

Install the PRTG Node-RED Connector for free via the Node-RED palette, npm, or GitHub:


npm i git+https: //github.com/PaesslerAG/node-red-contrib-prtg.git


search for node-red-contrib-prtg


npm i paesslerag-node-red-contrib-prtg

Configure your prtg-connector node to point to your PRTG instance.

Set your PRTG channel definition and enjoy the full power of PRTG with your exported metrics.