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PRTG lets me take vacation

I don't have a list of apps, but I did just want to take a moment to say how much I love PRTG. PRTG lets me take vacations. As the primary (read: sole) admin of 3/4 of our infrastructure, PRTG helps me be way more proactive in keeping our systems healthy and easily lets the other admins know if there is an issue and almost exactly what the issue is when I'm away from the office. I hardly used to use vacation time before I got PRTG up and running, but now, I don't hesitate at all."

A Reddit user who made the Paessler Team’s day

Most reliable and appreciated software

System Administrators live in a world of fixing broken, intermittent, and/or frequently ambiguous problems. Among all the different components I repeatedly fix over the course of several months, PRTG is not one of them! Your software is considered to be the most reliable and appreciated in our department. We lean on PRTG frequently to help us identify and resolve issues on other systems. PRTG makes it extremely easy to do so, and we are continuously grateful to have a network monitor that never creates additional work for us, and only ever makes our jobs easier."

Trevor Reusch, System Administrator, William Mattar, P.C.

Intuitive and powerful

PRTG is a fine tuned, intuitive, powerful and meticulously well developed network monitoring tool. PRTG totally blows away similar and popular (why?) server based monitoring software, for example Nagios and Pandora FMS. Both of these competing applications were difficult to setup and use, and the interfaces felt poorly designed, hokey and I couldn't imagine using the interfaces of these products on a daily basis. When I discovered PRTG I was very pleased by the amount of effort that was put into its design to make it both useable, capable and professionally polished unlike those other open source solutions I tried out. This is why I ultimately decided this was the best product for my networks! I now use PRTG to frequently get a quick, detailed and nice looking bird's eye view on the health of my complex network of Linux & Windows servers, VMWare servers, HPC networks and all the routers in between. Thanks for giving me the best possible solution to my problem!"

Clayton Hill, Systems Administrator,

Money saving

When you take into account the downtime that has been avoided, PRTG has already paid for itself many times over, considering that a day without production may costs us 10s of thousands of pounds of revenue. We actually made the money for the license back on the first avoidance of downtime"

Mark Elton, Director of Business Information, Lanes Health / Read complete case study here

Best monitoring tool

So far this is the best monitoring tool right now. I'm using the freeware version at home. And implement PRTG Network Monitor successful in a IT company. The support of PRTG is great, you can mail them and I guess within a day you have a answer on your question."

Ralph Thönissen

Stunning product

Quite seriously, PRTG is a stunning product. In my past life as a CIO, I've used quite a range of management and monitoring suites, including OpenView and Tivoli. In terms of price, ease of use, and rock solid stability, PRTG trumps them all."

Paul Hebinger, UBR Technology Services

PRTG is gold

3 times this week PRTG alerted us to issues before they became an issue to users. Worth it's weight in Gold."

Jared Lancaster, Chief Technical Officer, AVM Vision / Read complete case study here

Rich feature set

Also, I just wanted to re-iterate how much my company is enamored with PRTG. This is, hands down, one of the best products on the market today. At least once a week, I hear my boss saying "I love PRTG". We are an MSP (Managed Service Provider) and have about 100 client networks that we service and monitor. PRTG makes it very easy to pin point problems and identify trends. I know of no other product that is updated so frequently, has such a rich feature set for a very reasonable price. Keep up the great work!!"

Nicolas Russo, VMware Certified Professional, Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS), Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), PC Network Services, Inc

Superfast snappy interface

I'm actively using a trial of your PRTG Network monitoring software, in a search for a new tool to monitor my infrastructure. I've tried several now, the latest being Nagios XI, and I just wanted to write you to tell you that I am completely blown away by PRTG in every way. The interface is literally the best written/designed web interface I've ever used, period. Everything about this software is intuitive, yet incredibly customizable. The ease of use and the super-fast snappy interface has me just wanting to spend time using it, just for fun. Your design team and engineers have designed something really great, and I thought all of you should know that. Kudos."

Kevin Sandbek, Manager, Network Operations, Block Vision

Coolest software ever

THIS IS THE COOLEST SOFTWARE I HAVE EVER USED!! It does everything! I've been playing with it for a day now. So much better than our previous system. Keep up the great work!!"

Marc Gulatto, Network & IS Administrator, Cornerstone Credit Union

Best functionality

I've been in the networking bizz for over 20 years now and seen many mgmt systems, but you're current version rocks! It's the best I've seen with functionality that just works straight out of the box, supporting industry standards I need and a web GUI which is a pleasure to use."

Sander Beenen, Network Specialist, Koncon

Saves Time

We have also been able to make better, more-accurate purchasing decisions because of the network and server baselines that PRTG [Network Monitor] has brought to the forefront. For example, we have set up threshold notifications for available hard disk space on critical servers so that we are alerted to low-disk-space situations before they pose problems. The software, which runs 24/7 and has saved our department more than five hours of monitoring time per week, has also alerted us to unusually high bandwidth utilization on critical links, making it possible to easily identify the source and take appropriate action."

Robert Hutter, Senior Network Engineer, Stevenson University / Read complete case study here

PRTG is a global tool

We chose PRTG over competing monitoring products as it could handle monitoring across the full estate of hardware we own. It can monitor all the applications and operating systems we have and is intuitive enough for us to use without having to have specialist expertise."

Ben Tyson, IT Operations Manager, Unite Group / Read complete case study here

Great Software

What a great piece of software. How have I managed without it!”

Russell Fletcher , Network and Security Analyst, Babcock International Group (UK)

Simple and error free

I've been using Traffic Grapher and now [PRTG] Network Monitor for almost 10 years. I have always been impressed with the stability of the software and how the upgrades/updates are simple and error free. I think this is by far the best monitoring program available. Keep up the good work.“

Craig Deal, Network Administrator, Covan

Affordable solution

When you're first starting out, it's tough to gauge exactly how many sensors you need, and once you start to use the product, my expectations changed as I learned what all it could do:"The fact that PRTG included all the sensors for Exchange, VMware, Terminal Services, Windows Performance Data, WMI, etc. made it a much more affordable solution."

Steven Tims, IT Support Services Manager, Raven Industries / Read complete case study here

Straight and stable

Your product is really great (straight, stable, small footprint, etc.), exactly what we may expect from German quality products."

Thad Seth Paul, Sensas SA

Discovers sources of bottlenecks

Many times users will complain about something being 'slow,' but they don't know what's causing it, if anything. With PRTG, I can use the graphics to show disc metrics, server metrics and other performance indicators and we can narrow it down to whether we have an actual hardware bottleneck or just user perception of a slowdown."

Martin Knoll, Data Center Manager, Doosan Group / Read complete case study here

I love PRTG

I have to say I love PRTG Monitor. Shortly after we installed the evaluation software we found several issues that we had not noticed on our network before. Your product is top notch and is affordable for those on tight budgets!"

Jon Marte, Network Engineer, Northland, A Church Distributed

Amazingly efficient

Just wanted to drop a line and say you guys are doing a great job, PRTG is a life safer, heavily customizable, loaded with great sensors, extremely stable, and amazingly efficient. I have tested both ManageEngine and Solarwinds offerings, time and time again I find myself not able to beat out PRTG."

Ryan Lanham, IT Manager, Dynomax Inc.

Better than anything

All of my competitors have some kind of monitoring service in place, but PRTG is a lot better than anything I've seen my competition using. The depth of information I get from PRTG makes us so much more efficient. I've gotten a lot of clients who have left other MSPs because their service wasn't good. When I show them what I can offer through PRTG, it's an easy sell."

Jon Berry, Owner, Green Olive Tree / Read complete case study here

Really fun features

I absolutely love PRTG, I've used Labtec, Kaseya, N-Able, Whats Up Gold, almost everything out there and for monitoring an internal network infrastructure PRTG Is by far the most bad-ass as at monitoring with an intuitive interface and some really fun features."

Jeff Le Blanc, IT Manager, NGP Manageme


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