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Analyse and Troubleshoot your Network Using
PRTG Network Monitor

PRTG Network Monitor is the advanced network analysis and troubleshooting tool by Paessler. The network software checks the availability of your network devices, controls processor and memory load, tracks bandwidth usage, and monitors net speed and performance.

The PRTG networking software is therefore a great tool to help you analyze and troubleshoot your network: not only do the monitoring tools alert you when a server is down or bandwidth congestion occurs, but they also help you to anticipate possible problems, thus allowing you to troubleshoot network problems in a much more organized and proactive fashion. This in turn helps you to minimize downtimes and makes all IT-related business processes much smoother.

PRTG runs on all Windows versions from 7 onwards. Thanks to WMI support, the software is an indispensable Windows monitor (CPU, RAM, and disk monitoring). What is more, the Windows monitor can also monitor event logs, analyze syslog messages, and receive SNMP traps.

However, PRTG's network analysis and troubleshooting abilities are not limited to Windows monitoring: Even though the PRTG network management solutions need to run on a Windows server, they are also suitable for in-depth Linux and Unix monitoring.

Flexible Alarms for Efficient Windows Network Troubleshooting

You can also run regular performance tests using PRTG, which makes troubleshooting easier as you can identify possible bottlenecks and performance issues at an early stage. As PRTG supports the NetFlow protocol, our performance test software can also be used as a Cisco performance monitor. In addition, PRTG includes is a comprehensive VoIP monitor, which monitors jitter noise, Ethernet latency, etc.

PRTG provides a flexible alerting system that you can customize to fit your needs and priorities. Warnings and alarms by SMS or pager make sure that you can keep control of your network wherever you are. Moreover, the iPhone application iPRTG makes Windows network troubleshooting on the go possible: our mobile network monitoring solution sends your network monitoring data to your iPhone.


Network Monitoring Software for Windows - Version (June 7th, 2017)


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