The Webserver Stress Tool Freeware is a server load test application that can help you identify critical issues in your webserver that may stand in the way of optimal performance. Through advanced user simulation tools and graphical reports, this load test tool can test the performance of your webserver under normal and excessive loads to ensure that critical information and services are available at the speeds that your end-users expect.

This load test tool simulates users stepping through a set of URLs. Each user is simulated by a separate thread with its own session information and "surfs" the URLs  independently from the other users – just like in real-world Web usage. You can also set the parameters of this load testing software to request frames, images etc, which means that the server-side scripting is being tested, too.

Apart from load testing, Webserver Stress Tool can also perform a variety of other tests that check the performance of your webserver. The stress tests are simulations of the sort of intense increase in activity that an advertising campaign can result in, and lets you know exactly how far you can take your webserver. The ramp tests use escalating numbers of users to determine how many of users the webserver can handle before producing error messages. To read more about the features of our load testing tool, please click here.

This load testing tool creates a number of clear and comprehensive reports that let you see exactly how your webserver is coping. These reports contain easy-to-read graphs and logs, and can be published as HTML files or MS Word documents.To see examples of these graphs and reports, please click here.

We have received a lot of positive feedback from users of our load testing software. Here's what one of them said:

"“This is a great tool. For someone like me who is not a programmer, yet responsible for the development of our web products it allows me to stress test applications BEFORE I roll them out into production. I have already told one of my vendors that they MUST purchase this software. Nice job." Marc A. DeCastro, Eastern Bank

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