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PRTG Network Monitor is an innovative and comprehensive solution that gives you a competitive edge like no other does:

  • Easy to use software (150,000 users worldwide)
  • Great price performance ratio and all-in licensing model
  • Fair and transparent partner program
  • Best sales and presales support


You sell software and hardware to your customers while also consulting them on the best options for their needs.

Take the next step and offer a network monitoring solution that will help your customers even more; a solution that will assure them that all their software and hardware is running steadily and their entire network is performing at its best.

If you need more reasons why you should offer PRTG
to your customers, here they are:

Three key benefits for entering the monitoring market with PRTG


Create new opportunities by becoming a monitoring expert

Monitoring is a young and growing market with a lack of qualified experts. Most projects are complex and require expertise in networks and monitoring. Customers look for a competent and trustworthy partner who will guide them in their decision and help them set up a reliable monitoring solution.

PRTG is the perfect solution for a quick but long-term entry to the monitoring market. It is an easy-to-use monitoring solution that allows you to focus on what you do best: monitoring and consulting-without long term solution trainings and practice. Be among the first and take this opportunity to set your footprint in this market and win new customers!

Create customer loyalty by network monitoring

Monitoring projects create enduring business relationships: once you've installed a monitoring system, you will be the expert for the entire network, the base for a long lasting relationship!

PRTG Network Monitor helps you with long term reports, in-depth views and all the information you need. With PRTG you will be the one who knows your customers' networks better than anyone else, making you the perfect strategic partner for your customer.

Create up and cross selling opportunities by monitoring

Once you get started, customers will discover more and more application areas such as monitoring multiple sites, monitoring websites, email, VoIP, virtualized environments, and many more - creating the opportunity for selling upgrades and follow up projects. This can also help identify weak hardware, security issues or failures in their network, another problem you can help solve so be prepared for the next job!

PRTG Network Monitor offers many features and functionalities, all included in every license. All these options are there without the need for any add-ons. Let PRTG create new opportunities for you!


Become a Paessler partner now and create new business opportunities with PRTG Network Monitor: More than 150,000 IT administrators around the world put their trust in PRTG every day.

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