PRTG Advanced

Here is to our longtime users. You know the basics and you have full control of your network thanks to PRTG.
But there are some aspects you feel you could use more info about? You are in the right place.

How to set up a
PRTG Cluster

by Kimberley, Product Evangelist

Kimberley will explain what you need to consider up front and how to set up a PRTG cluster with two servers: one master and one failover server.   

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Clustering in PRTG -
This is how it works

by Kimberley, Product Evangelist

Watch this video to learn how a PRTG cluster works, and how the components interact with each other, especially during a failover scenario.

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SNMP Trap Receiver

by Kimberley, Product Evangelist

Watch our short video of how to set up a SNMP Trap Receiver sensor in PRTG and learn how easy it is to keep an eye on network and bandwidth usage via SNMP.

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Syslog Receiver

by Kimberley, Product Evangelist

Your network components can send a lot of Syslog messages every day. Learn in our video how to create and configure a Syslog Receiver sensor in PRTG and see how easily you can manage and filter these messages.

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Ticketing System

by Kimberley, Product Evangelist

Have a look at our new ticketing system inside PRTG and find out how to manage and maintain information about issues and tasks which appear while monitoring your network. You will save time and nerves!

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Bandwidth Monitoring with Flows and Packet Sniffing

by Kimberley, Product Evangelist

In this tutorial you get to know everything about bandwidth monitoring with flows and paket sniffing with our network monitoring solution PRTG Network Monitor. 

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SNMP Custom and Library Sensors

by Kimberley, Product Evangelist

Here you will learn how to import MIB files into PRTG and how to use the OIDs in those MIB files to create SNMP custom and library sensors.  

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Creating Maps

by Ben, System Engineer

In our new video we demonstrate how to set up a map within PRTG by using icons that represent the different devices, groups and sensors in your network and its connections. In the end you'll have a great overview about the components' status in your network on one slide!

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Extending Maps

by Ben, System Engineer

We expand our map from the "Create Maps" Video. You'll learn how to visualize firewall traffic, expand the map, add weather data from an external source and how to devide the map visually into different areas. Learn all there is to know about maps and create a dynamic overview of your IT infrastructure.

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Factory Sensor

by Kimberley, Product Evangelist

In this video, you'll learn about situations where a Factory Sensor is useful, and how to create one, step-by-step. This sensor can help you monitor complex processes by combining the results from several sensors into a single, composite sensor.

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How to Configure Lookups

by Torsten, Technical Support

This video tutorial explains in detail how to configure your own lookup files.

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