Monitor your network utilization
and prevent network problems


  • PRTG provides sensors for
    measuring your network activity

  • PRTG shows you
    unusual network activity

  • PRTG monitors the
    performance of your networks

  • PRTG identifies the devices
    that generate high traffic


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What is network utilization?

Network utilization is the proportion of the current network traffic to the maximum amount of traffic that can be handled. It indicates the bandwidth consumption in the network. While high network traffic means that the network is overloaded, low network traffic means that the network is not busy. If the network load reaches or exceeds the threshold under normal conditions, this will result in low network speed, interruptions, timeouts, etc. The network load is an indicator of the network utilization.


Why is PRTG the ideal solution for monitoring your network utilization?

PRTG Network Monitor is the ideal tool to display and monitor the network utilization in your network. PRTG is easy to install and helps to detect vulnerabilities in your network.  Especially if you have distributed locations, it is important to have an overview of the utilization of the WAN routes to be able to act quickly in case of high network utilization. This way, you can prevent timeouts or even complete network downtime.


5 problems that might arise when network utilization is too high


Slow file access

Slow file access

If the network has a high load, access to centrally stored data becomes slow or even impossible. For smaller files, the impact is rather small, but especially for applications that work with very large files, access becomes almost impossible.

Database problems

Database problems

If files are stored in databases, for example, timeouts can occur when the network load is high, and the files cannot be opened.


Limited internet access

Limited internet access

The PRTG dashboard provides a quick overview, any time you like. You will immediately see if everything is alright. The dashboard is customizable to meet all your specific needs. While away from your desk – such as when working in the server room – PRTG can be accessed via smartphone apps so you never miss a beat.

Interrupted IP / video telephony

Interrupted IP / video telephony

Especially for IP telephony, a sufficiently high amount of bandwidth is essential. If this is not available due to excessive network load, interruptions may occur. Video calls are then no longer possible in most cases.

Delayed or aborted backups

Delayed or aborted backups

Data backups always generate a high network load. However, if your network is already very busy, the backups may be delayed or even aborted.

By monitoring your network utilization with PRTG, you prevent all these problems and lay the foundation for your network, applications, and services to be highly performant.


How PRTG prevents these problems


Network utilization monitoring

Network utilization monitoring

To avoid high load on your network, you are recommended to monitor it. While monitoring alone will not optimize your network, it does give you an overview of potential vulnerabilities. PRTG Network Monitor is perfectly suited for this. You can use it to analyze your network and make insightful decisions.

Identify problems

Identify problems

The next step is to identify servers, clients, or other devices on your network that are causing high network utilization. In addition, applications such as backup solutions, which are configured incorrectly, can cause this.

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Optimize your network

After identifying what is causing a high load on your network, you can now adjust this. For example, prioritize applications or configure backups to start in the evening hours. A VLAN can also help.



PRTG provides a number of sensors that,
depending on the network configuration, help you detect problems


SNMP Traffic

The SNMP Traffic sensor monitors traffic on a device using the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). You can create it on a device that provides traffic data. PRTG creates one traffic sensor for each individual port.


Packet Sniffer

The Packet Sniffer sensor monitors the headers of data packets that pass a local network card using a built-in packet sniffer. You can choose from predefined channels. The sensor analyzes only header traffic.

SNMP RMON sensor

The SNMP RMON sensor monitors traffic on a device using the Remote Monitoring (RMON) standard SNMP. You can create it on an SNMP-compatible device that provides traffic data via RMON. Depending on the data that your device returns, PRTG displays traffic data for each port in different channels, which allows a detailed analysis. If available, the sensor queries 64-bit counters.

jFlow v5 sensor

The jFlow v5 sensor receives traffic data from a jFlow v5-compatible device and shows the traffic by type. Several filter options are available to divide traffic into different channels.

NetFlow V5 sensor

The NetFlow v5 sensor receives traffic data from a NetFlow v5-compatible device and shows the traffic by type. Ensure that the sensor matches the NetFlow version that your device exports. Several filter options are available to divide traffic into different channels.


The sFlow sensor receives traffic data from an sFlow v5-compatible device and shows the traffic by type. Only header traffic is analyzed. Make sure that the device matches sFlow Several filter options are available to divide traffic into different channels. 

 i What is a sensor?

In PRTG, “sensors” are the basic monitoring elements. One sensor usually monitors one measured value in your network, e.g. the traffic of a switch port, the CPU load of a server, the free space of a disk drive. On average you need about 5-10 sensors per device or one sensor per switch port.

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What PRTG looks like


PRTG can do more

Show unusual network utilization

Show unusual
network utilization

PRTG not only informs you about high network usage but can also inform you about unusually high utilization. This way you can act before it happens.

Be informed


PRTG will alert you via email, SMS, push message, ... if a predefined or custom limit value is reached. 



PRTG comes with predefined sensors for many manufacturers you can use out of the box, an alerting system, and technical support. If you opt for a license, you’ll get access to its full range of features. Only the number of sensors is limited.



PRTG in a nutshell


PRTG monitors your entire IT infrastructure

Traffic, packets, applications, bandwidth, cloud services, databases, virtual environments, uptime, ports, IPs, hardware, security, web services, disk usage, physical environments, IoT devices and almost everything you can imagine.

PRTG supports most technologies

SNMP (all versions), Flow technologies (i.e. NetFlow, jFlow, sFlow), SSH, WMI, Ping, and SQL. Powerful API (Python, EXE, DLL, PowerShell, VB, Batch Scripting, REST) to integrate everything else. See all PRTG features

PRTG is ready for every platform

Download for Windows and hosted version
available. Monitoring via AJAX Web Interface or Desktop Client.



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More than 300,000 sysadmins love PRTG

PRTG is used by companies of all sizes. Sysadmins love PRTG because it makes their job a whole lot easier.

Still not convinced?


Monitor your entire IT infrastructure

Bandwidth, servers, virtual environments, websites, VoIP services – PRTG keeps an eye on your entire network.




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