Network Monitoring Tool With Full WMI-Support

Nuremberg, February 4th 2009 – WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) functions form an important part of the administration of Windows systems. They also allow for a detailed monitoring of these environments. The PRTG Network Monitor, a network monitoring solution from Paessler, already includes unrestricted WMI support in its freeware version. However, due to incorrect installation or configuration, administrators cannot always take advantage of all the opportunities offered by WMI technology. Paessler AG is now offering a free diagnostics tool which can be downloaded and used to isolate the causes of incorrect WMI configurations.

WMI technology provides detailed information about devices and programs operated with Microsoft Windows operating systems. This includes, among other things, read-outs of working memory and information about CPU usage and temperature. The PRTG Network Monitor’s special WMI sensors access this information and hence enable the monitoring of critical components and parameters.

Any problems arising are usually due to an incorrect WMI installation or configuration. This is often caused by one or more missing components or components that have been installed incorrectly. For this reason, Paessler is now offering a free tool which can be downloaded and used to check the proper functioning of the WMI function: the WMI tester.

The tester can be used to send either local or remote queries to the relevant system. The tool receives corresponding responses from the WMI service; in the case of problems, responses are displayed in the form of error codes for analysis, such as a code indicating that a certain system cannot be accessed. For in-depth help on this topic, see Paessler’s Knowledge Base at

WMI support even in the freeware version

WMI support is a common component in effective network monitoring solutions but is often only included in premium versions and is therefore associated with considerable cost premiums. In contrast, the PRTG Network Monitor from Paessler already provides full WMI support as part of its freeware version. The tool enables the comprehensive monitoring of availability and consumption using WMI, SNMP, NetFlow, Packet Sniffing and more than 40 additional types of sensor. Using a modern and intuitively operated web interface, PRTG provides all the information that is required for optimum network operations. On the basis of the information provided, infrastructures can be optimized, malfunctions are avoided and compliance with SLAs (Service Level Agreements) can be monitored. PRTG covers the entire range of network monitoring functions and gives administrators maximum transparency for networks of all sizes.

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