Sysmex America Selects Paessler Software

PORTLAND, Ore. and NUREMBERG, Germany – April 7, 2008 — Paessler AG, a world leader in network monitoring tools, today announced that Sysmex America, Inc., a global leader of clinical laboratory systems and solutions, is using Paessler network monitoring solutions to optimize network performance. Paessler provides comprehensive, cost-effective and easy-to-use network monitoring software that helps enterprise organizations gain valuable insight into how network resources are used. This enables Sysmex to identify and mitigate problems quickly, enhance network resource planning and usage, and improve communication between the company’s IT and business groups.

“Being in tune with the network and being able to show ‘uptime’ numbers and metrics on a monthly basis is invaluable,” says Arthur Braune, IT manager at Sysmex America. “It shows the business that we responding in an intelligent, coordinated manner when issues arise. I have already recommended Paessler to several of my colleagues.”

Using Paessler network monitoring software, the Sysmex IT team has created automated system-monitoring routines. These processes help log the amount of data flowing through routers, gateways and firewalls, including the collection and analysis of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and NetFlow data, as well as server performance monitoring on Sysmex’s development and production servers.

Data collected from using Paessler network monitoring solutions helps Sysemex to diagnosis and mitigate performance issues quickly and implement strategies and best practices that improve network resource planning and usage.

Paessler’s automated alerts and trending reports help identify load imbalances, which could cause service disruptions or performance problems. These analysis and reporting tools have also become valuable in helping Sysmex IT communicate with business groups within their organization.

About Paessler Network Monitor Solutions

Paessler network monitoring solutions include Paessler PRTG Traffic Grapher for monitoring and classifying bandwidth usage, Paessler IPCheck Server Monitor for monitoring network uptime and downtime, among others. The company recently announced PRTG Network Monitor version 7, which will combine the capabilities of IP Check Server Monitor and PRTG Traffic Grapher into one solution for comprehensive, cost-effective and easy-to-use network monitoring.

Paessler network monitoring software provide systems administrators with live readings and long-term usage trends of network devices, and are some of the most widely used network bandwidth and monitoring applications on the market today.

Using Paessler network monitoring software, network managers can gain valuable insight to affect changes that reduce server and bandwidth bottlenecks, identify which applications or servers hog bandwidth, strategically plan infrastructure upgrades, deliver better service to both external and internal customers, and reduce network costs by matching expenditures with actual bandwidth needs.

Paessler Network Monitoring solutions can be purchased through the Paessler online store at . Freeware and Free Trail versions of all products are also available at

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