IT administrators can receive customized, real-time alerts on their iOS or Android devices

Austin, Texas and Nuremberg, Germany - December 11, 2014 - Paessler AG, the innovative network monitoring solutions specialist, today announced support for push notifications to users of its PRTG Network Monitor iOS and Android applications. Network and IT administrators will now be able to receive customized alerts in real-time on their mobile device at no cost, enabling them to react quickly to network issues before they impact end users.

PRTG Network Monitor offers customized alerts that can be delivered by many different methods, including email, SMS, SNMP traps, event logs or through the PRTG mobile app. With the addition of push notifications, users will be able to receive alerts on their mobile device faster, without the battery-draining burden of the pull method or costs associated with SMS. Users will have granular control over what type of alerts they want to receive through push notifications, as opposed to less pressing alerts that can be sent through email or SMS. An alert on a major network outage could be sent immediately to the PRTG app, whereas a minor alert could be sent via email.

"In today's fast-paced IT environment, administrators depend on being informed quickly and clearly about network issues," said Dirk Paessler, founder and CEO of Paessler. "By offering push notifications to mobile devices, we are giving IT a head start on any network or infrastructure issues. The day of opening email and seeing an hours-old alert are over."

Users will be able to receive push notifications on any mobile device the PRTG app is installed on, giving them visibility into any warnings, alerts or outages with just one touch. The push notifications are easier to setup than SMS notifications and delivered much faster. Paessler processes the notifications through its own cloud infrastructure, which routs them to the mobile devices through Apple and Google. It is recommended that users still receive SMS or email alerts as a failsafe, in the event of an issue with a mobile service provider.

In addition to push notifications, Paessler has announced a variety of updates to PRTG Network Monitor, including:

  • Improved Web interface with responsive design that eliminates redundant white space and enhances usability, especially on larger screens
  • Enhanced discovery features that will recommend sensors for newly added devices
  • A variety of new sensor types focused on supporting the latest versions of some of the most popular technologies


Push notifications are currently available as part of the PRTG app. For more information on how to setup push notifications, please visit the Paessler Knowledgebase.

For more about PRTG Network Monitor, please visit

Dirk Paessler, CEO Paessler AG

"By offering push notifications to mobile devices, we are giving IT a head start on any network or infrastructure issues."

Dirk Paessler, CEO Paessler AG

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