Decentralized Network Monitoring on a Single License Ideal for Multi-location Businesses, MSPs and Datacenter Providers

Los Angeles and Nuremberg, Germany (April 27, 2010) - Multi-location businesses, managed service providers, data centers and hosting providers now have a more affordable and easier-to-manage option for monitoring multiple networks at various locations to ensure optimum availability of applications, devices and sufficient bandwidth. PRTG Network Monitor by Paessler AG, a leading provider of network monitoring and performance optimization solutions, provides the most comprehensive monitoring services on spatially distributed networks with a single installation and license to overcome the complex and costly licensing models of most other providers.

Through the use of its unique remote probes, PRTG Network Monitor makes it easy to quickly configure and deploy a decentralized monitoring program to meet the needs of companies with multiple branch offices, as well as IT service providers that need to monitor distributed customer networks remotely.

"With the remote probe feature included with every PRTG license, IT service providers can guarantee more reliable service for their customers without any additional cost for even better customer satisfaction," said Dirk Paessler, CEO of Paessler AG. "The ability to monitor multiple networks remotely from a central location saves time and cuts down on expenses, for both the service provider and their customers."

Distributed Monitoring Made Easy and Affordable

PRTG's remote probe feature makes it possible to monitor multiple networks with a single license. PRTG's unique architecture is optimized to collect and report on a wide range of data, including storage capacity, server, router and network traffic load, and more, while providing instant alerts via e-mail, SMS, or phone for out-of-compliance issues. Detailed reporting features make it easy to see an overall network snapshot and then drill down quickly to see more granular data.

PRTG automatically creates the initial local probe during installation, which operates on the same computer as the PRTG server, to monitors all system sensors. This enables monitoring across an entire LAN. Additional, probes can be installed within the same network as the core server or in remote networks that are spatially separate. Internet access is all that is required for data transmission from the remote sites to the main server.

"This elegant system eliminates multiple licenses and installations that are costly to setup and maintain," Paessler said. "We've designed the system to be affordable and easy to use, eliminating the need to buy multiple individual licenses or 'distributed' editions."

Secure Probe-to-Server Communication

As soon as a probe is launched, it automatically connects to the PRTG Server through a secure SSL connection, downloads the specified sensor configuration and begins monitoring. Each probe works autonomously and sends the results of each individual operation back to the central installation. In the event of a connection loss, through re-booting the computer for example, the probe continues to perform its tasks, stores the results and transmits the data through the SSL protocol when communication is restored.

Compatible with Firewalls and VPNs

PRTG's multiple, external remote probes allow for 24/7 monitoring to guarantee availability of services and provide peace of mind that critical data networks are operating at peak performance. The PRTG platform is compatible with multiple LAN networks connected through firewalls to monitor special services, as well as VPN systems that must be monitored over public or less-secure data connections.

Other Applications

CPU-intensive sensors like packet sniffers or NetFlow sensors can bog down performance on the computer being used. With multiple PRTG probes, the load is distributed across more than one PC. In addition, QoS measurements can be defined over different probes to monitor the quality of VoIP and other streaming media data.

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