Easy-to-Use Network Monitor Provides Instant Alert for Unusual Activity, Adds Strategic Component to Comprehensive IT Security Program

Los Angeles, CA and Nuremberg, Germany (February 23, 2010) - Firewalls and anti-virus programs can lull many companies into a false sense of security. Despite these effective programs, malware attacks on corporate IT infrastructure still happen and often go undetected until the late stages of the breach. By then, sophisticated cyber-criminals have already done significant damage, stealing or exposing sensitive corporate or customer data.

Ensuring enterprise network security requires a comprehensive, strategic approach beyond traditional anti-virus and firewall solutions. Real-time network activity monitoring with Paessler's PRTG Network Monitor delivers a more advanced, comprehensive, affordable approach to IT security than malware programs alone. By enabling the detection of network irregularities when they occur, PRTG Network Monitor helps IT administrators recognize and thwart imminent attacks with a more strategic security posture.

"A network monitoring solution can work as an early warning system, providing an instant alert when specific thresholds are exceeded," said Dirk Paessler, CEO of Paessler AG. "PRTG Network Monitor can immediately detect significant and rapid CPU load changes, unusually high traffic levels or excessive use of hard disk capacities-all important indicators of an undetected attack."

Despite Conventional Security Efforts, Threat Remains

Viruses and Trojan horses continue to manipulate or delete data, compromising individual computers and entire networks, despite the best efforts of security tools and professionals. As security measures evolve, so too does the sophisticated malware used by cyber-criminals around the world. As a result, the number of drive-by-downloads and denial-of-service attacks, for example, has increased steadily in recent years. The rapid adoption of cloud computing has exposed entirely new risks that require virtualization security solutions specially equipped to handle this unique threat.

"PRTG enables administrators to immediately recognise such threats that cannot be explained by hardware defects," Paessler said. "The system instantly sends notification by e-mail, instant message, pager, SMS or cell phone to key personnel regarding any anomalies, enabling them to react quickly to thwart a possible malware attack."

Detect irregularities and respond immediately

With PRTG Network Monitor, administrators can easily determine current bandwidth usage across dedicated lines, network connections and network devices (routers, switches), etc. In addition to troubleshooting for malignant usage trends, internal bottlenecks and connection failures, detailed live data updates indicate spikes in activity that could signal a threat. PRTG's graphical user interface (GUI) displays network activity in easy-to-read tables and graphs to help administrators measure and monitor network usage at a glance. Bandwidth measurement, packet sniffing or NetFlow monitoring can identify the IP addresses and protocols causing potential problems.

For even greater flexibility, PRTG's remote probe deployment enables monitoring across the entire corporate network-even locations physically separated from the main IT hub.

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