Paessler SNMP Helper Provides Detailed System Reports

New solution details more than two thousand Windows server and workstation performance counters

FUERTH, Germany – Feb. 21, 2006 – Paessler today debuted a new solution for monitoring in-depth network usage and performance details of Windows servers and workstations. SNMP Helper Pro and its Extensions for Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Biztalk Server and Microsoft ISA Server are now seamlessly integrated with Paessler’s PRTG Traffic Grapher and IPCheck Server Monitor to provide administrators with additional monitoring results. Network administrators of small-to-large systems now have a unified, powerful set of tools to monitor bandwidth usage and analyze server loads to optimize network performance and plan for growth.

Increased visibility into a network can help detect traffic anomalies such as those caused by overloads, worms, denial of service attacks or other network problems. Network data can also be used to plan upgrades or attribute costs by department. By integrating the data into one view, Paessler provides a single, robust center for monitoring network usage with an easy to use Windows interface.

"System administrators who want to know in detail what’s going on in their networks find themselves running multitudes of individual applications to capture the data they need," said Dirk Paessler, CEO of Paessler. "We’ve provided them with a way to watch system metrics that usually are hidden deep in their systems by using their existing Paessler monitoring solutions – no need for the complexity of managing several applications."

With a few simple steps, administrators can now monitor values including memory and CPU load for each process, "disc activity/second," "length of outbound mail queue" for an Exchange Server, "requests/second" for Microsoft SQL server and many more. More than 2,000 additional monitoring options further ensure there are no blind spots that may be causing hidden problems.

The Pro Edition of SNMP Helper offers the ability to monitor 2,137 counters for Windows 2000, XP, and 2003. With the optional SNMP Helper Extensions, administrators can also monitor the following Microsoft Server applications:

  • Microsoft Exchange Server: More than 1,726 performance counters
  • Microsoft SQL Server: More than 511 performance counters
  • Microsoft Biztalk Server: 32 performance counters
  • Microsoft ISA Server: 149 performance counters

The fully functional freeware version of SNMP Helper supports monitoring of 80 performance counters for memory, disks, network, and processors, and comes included with the free download of PRTG Traffic Grapher or IPCheck Server Monitor. The Pro Edition is available for US $99.95. Optional Extensions are available for in-depth monitoring of MS Exchange Server, MS ISA Server, MS SQL Server and MS Biztalk Server for US $99.95 each. A free 30 day trial version can be downloaded from:

About Paessler Monitoring Products

PRTG Traffic Grapher for Windows provides users of small-to-large networks a powerful tool to monitor bandwidth and network usage and supports SNMP, NetFlow as well as Packet Sniffing. The everyday monitoring tool provides network usage accounting and traffic-by-type analysis.

IPCheck Server Monitor - available for Windows - makes it easy and affordable to detect network and website failures early, minimizing downtime and avoiding their economic impacts.

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