Control IT Networks On the Go Via Android Phone or Kindle Fire HD

Austin, Texas and Nuremberg, Germany (June 25, 2013) - Paessler AG, the innovative network monitoring solutions specialist, today announced the availability of its new "PRTG for Android" app, enabling users to remotely keep an eye on their IT infrastructure through their Android devices (Version 4.0 and higher) or Kindle Fire HD.

Paessler's new PRTG for Android app lets administrators view data, acknowledge alarms, and pause or resume monitoring for individual objects or entire groups. Similar to the PRTG Network Monitor Web interface, all sensor data from the network are displayed hierarchically by probes, groups, and devices. Various notification options alert users immediately of any malfunction or failure.

Using the app, the administrator can view real-time monitoring graphs and change priority and favorite status of sensors. Beside pausing or continuing monitoring and acknowledging alarms, users can also trigger sensor scans directly, start an auto-discovery, and retrieve historical data.

Handy widgets provide information at a glance

PRTG for Android lets users stay up to date by means of widgets that display directly on the home screen. These Widgets reflect either the global sensor status or individual sensor channels as a "speedometer" on the home screen, allowing the user to stay up to date even without opening the app.

The app's individually configurable notification service makes sure that alarms reach users. A background service, updated at regular intervals, reports failures or outages directly in the Android status bar and can be set for alerts by either sound or vibration.

Regardless of the display size on the host device, the "PRTG for Android" app automatically adjusts so the user can see as much information as possible at a glance. Mobile data usage has also been considered; to avoid high amounts of data, sensor graphs are only loaded on request while you have mobile internet connection. If the user is connected via Wi-Fi, the signal is instantaneous.

QR code leads to the requested mobile display

If the user is currently browsing in the PRTG Ajax Web Interface and wants to see the same view on his mobile device, he can directly scan the QR code on the screen and immediately see the corresponding page in its PRTG app. Administrators can also populate their server racks with printed QR codes in order to access the monitoring data of a specific device in the server room on their smartphone.

Useful even without a PRTG Core Server

Even administrators who run no PRTG installation benefit from the new app, as the application provides a useful "toolbox" without connecting to a Core Server: targets in the network can be checked directly from the smartphone or tablet by Ping, Traceroute or DNS query. Web server responses (Raw HTTP) can be initiated and checked on the mobile device as well. A "MAC database" provides straightforward information as to which MAC address circuit belongs to which manufacturer.

To obtain the full benefits of the app, a PRTG Core Server with at least version 13.1 is required, which is accessible from the mobile device. The app connects to the server in order to clearly display the entire monitoring data on the mobile devices. If an administrator manages a number of independent PRTG servers he can set up all of them in the app; the user can then easily switch between the servers and be alerted on all servers by a background service, in case unexpected values are measured or failures occur.

View of the PRTG-App for Android

Further information and the links to the Google Play Store and the Amazon Download AppStore for downloading the free app can be found at the Paessler Company Blog.

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