Network Monitoring Using SNMP Sensors

PRTG Traffic Grapher from Paessler offers systems administrators live data on the current network state as well as long-term utilization trends. So, line capacities of routers, firewalls, servers, and other network components can be systematically optimized. PRTG collects the required data and information from the SNMP capable devices to be controlled by using sensors that are set up accordingly while applying four different procedures.

Monitoring by applying the "Simple Network Management Protocol" is widely used and simple to install. It ensures that bandwidths and measurements such as CPU utilization, storage utilization, or temperature are always kept track of.

Monitoring of Standard Traffic Data

PRTG automatically searches for all interfaces of a device that shed light on inbound and outbound bandwidths, Unicast/Non-Unicast packages, or failures. The system subsequently provides a list with the identified ports by means of which the desired sensors can be easily set up via mouse-click.

SNMP Helper for Monitoring Windows Data

Windows via SNMP delivers a multitude of monitoring data. By means of SNMP Helper from Paessler corresponding lists can be generated and based on them the sensors for monitoring the specific systems parameters can be set up with only one single click.

Convenient Monitoring of Proprietary Data

Manufacturers of SNMP capable devices usually deliver access information (OIDs) to the data required for monitoring in the form of so-called MIB files. For this purpose, Paessler has developed the MIB Importer that comfortably and easily converts these files into so-called "OID-libraries“ for PRTG. Since MIB files are very often faultily implemented the MIB Importer has been designed to be even more fault tolerant in the current version in order to process even more MIB files. Sensors interesting to the administrator can be selected by mouse click from the created OID Libraries. The MIB Importer can be downloaded free of charge. Additionally, a multitude of preconfigured OID libraries for example for Cisco routers or Dell servers are already included in the delivery of PRTG.

Direct Creation of a Sensor in Case of Known OID

If  a particular address (OID) of SNMP data is known, this can be manually entered in PRTG thus creating a sensor.

Further information on PRTG Traffic Grapher and on monitoring via SNMP is available for you under A free 30-day trial version of PRTG can be downloaded under

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