Paessler Customer Survey Indicates PRTG Network Monitor is an Effective Time and Cost Saving Tool for Administrators

Los Angeles, CA; Nürnberg, October 19th 2009 – Network bottlenecks and failures, as well as slow application and website response times, can be a hindrance to business operations. It takes a significant amount of time for administrators to investigate the causes of such problems in order to rectify them. In a recent customer survey by Paessler AG, almost 50 percent of participating companies said they saved at least 3 hours of effective working time every week using PRTG Network Monitor, more than 150 hours per year.

“The true test of any successful solution is whether it enables its users to save time, money and/or resources,” said Dirk Paessler, CEO of Paessler AG. “We are very pleased that our PRTG Network Monitor is allowing our customers to work more efficiently and more effectively – a factor that contributes directly to an improved bottom line for their company overall.”

The continuous network analysis provided by PRTG Network Monitor can detect weak points and faults in networks without delay, freeing up more time for IT managers.

“PRTG has saved me hundreds of man hours of work by allowing me to be proactive instead of reactive to most things, and I can maintain a much higher level of customer satisfaction because of the quicker response time,” said Stephane Auger, director of technical operations at ZEROFAIL, one of the most trusted providers of high-reliability, high-volume 10Mbps+ fiber connectivity, hosted desktop solutions and datacenter hosting services.

At first glance, it is often not obvious which factors are contributing to increased demand on resources. For instance, the problem may be with a central router or a switch in a specific department. The hard disks are often too slow or the server requires more CPU power. In other cases, hidden applications such as file sharing, video streaming and Skype may be consuming network bandwidth.

PRTG solves these problems by monitoring aspects such as the bandwidth and the availability of dedicated lines, user-to-user connections and other network devices (e.g. routers and switches). This means that system failures and overloads can be avoided or immediately rectified.

Reduction in network management costs

The Paessler survey also shows that roughly 80 percent of customers are achieving considerable reductions in network management costs as a result of using PRTG software. This is primarily because the continual analysis of bandwidth and network loads ensures that potential bottlenecks and connection problems are identified at an early stage, allowing administrators to provide alternative routes for network traffic, plan purchases of new equipment or undertake optimization measures well in advance.

“PRTG allows companies to be more proactive across the board – whether it’s identifying and solving network connectivity issues before they escalate into a wide scale problem or planning for system upgrades and budgeting appropriately,” Paessler said. “PRTG prevents surprises, which can be both costly and damaging to business continuity.”

PRTG Network Monitor facilitates the targeted optimization of networks and provides transparent bandwidth, availability and utilization monitoring by means of WMI, SNMP, NetFlow and Packet Sniffing. It supports more than 40 types of sensors for all standard services, such as PING, HTTP, SMTP, POP3, FTP, etc. If failures occur or defined thresholds are exceeded, PRTG notifies the administrator via e-mail, text message or pager. In addition, all the data that is logged is collected and archived by PRTG, which allows long-term network analyses to be carried out as the basis for implementing optimization measures.

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