Paessler’s Open, Proactive Communication with Users Addresses Everyday Network Management Challenges, Strengthens Product Loyalty

BURLINGTON, MA and NUREMBERG, GERMANY - (Aug. 28, 2012) A recent customer survey, by Paessler AG, the innovative network monitoring company, finds high quality, fast installation, ease-of-use and fair prices to be the most important aspects in choosing a network management solution.

These findings, from more than 700 customers, reflect Paessler's ongoing two-year effort to enhance the intuitiveness and functionality of its PRTG Network Monitor solution through close, interactive communication with IT managers and network administrators. The company maintains an open line with users not only to address issues, but also to receive ideas and proposals, many of which have resulted in continuing improvements to PRTG Network Monitor.

The survey's results underscore the success of Paessler's efforts. For example, 96 percent of respondents cited "ease-of-use" as one of PRTG Network Monitor's distinct advantages. Other top solution attributes cited include timesavings, mentioned by 94.5 percent, and fast installation, checked off by 86.1. The important role that network monitoring plays in network security underscores the fact that 81.8 percent of users noted that PRTG provides a significant advantage in this area.

Paessler offers about 200 pre-configured types of sensors for centralized, multi-system monitoring in heterogeneous IT infrastructures. Customers can choose the best sensor types for their network environments, either through automatic network discovery or manually with the product's 3-Click Wizard. SNMP traffic sensors, according to the survey, are the most popular, noted by 95.6 percent of respondents. Almost 88 percent of surveyed users cited WMI sensors. The data also reflects strong percentage growth in the use of PRTG Netflow sensors and sensors for virtual environments with VMware servers or other virtual systems including Microsoft Hyper-V and Xen.

These PRTG Network Monitor characteristics aren't the only ones that survey respondents find useful. Nearly 98 percent cite up and downtime monitoring and more than 93 percent the solution's easy-to-set alarm function as important functions. The bandwidth utilization monitoring helps to prevent system overload resulting from excessive Internet usage in the most cases, overload because of Skype and instant messaging use rose during the last year, as insufficient data line capacity stepped back at the same time.

More than anything else, respondents cited PRTG Network Monitor's simple set up as the characteristic most responsible for the product's ease of use. This shows that the reduced amount of steps for the installation and the solution's Configuration Guru pay off. Nearly 68 percent cited the autoconfiguration feature as another usefull feature. The clear presentation of the network status including graphs, libraries, top lists, PRTG maps and Geo-Map also support the ease of use. Each helps administrators track complex, often rambling infrastructures. Notably, more than half of the respondents also cited Paessler's Knowledge Base and the company's blog as important sources of support. Reflecting PRTG Network Monitor's ease-of use and reliability is the fact that less than 50 percent of the respondants had needed to contact the technical support team of the manufacturer yet.

"We are pleased with the numerous positive reviews that respondents have provided, as well as the fact that 97 percent of them had or would recommend our solution," said Christian Twardawa, COO of Paessler. "In our surveys, the ‘ease of use' factor has risen steadily. In 2011, already more than 75 percent of users considered usability as a key factor in their rating of a network monitoring solution. This year, 78.1 percent rated this very highly. This clearly indicates that we are fully on target with our efforts to maintain close customer contact, which enables us to better focus on administrators' real, every day needs."

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