PRTG Manual: Remote Probe Setup Using Installer

In section Install a PRTG Remote Probe, we accompany your remote probe installation using the Remote Probe Installer.

These are the Steps to Go:

1. Prepare the PRTG Core Server

2. Download the Remote Probe Installer

3. Install the Remote Probe

4. Approve New Probe and Start Monitoring

Moreover, there is a Debugging Remote Probe Connection Problems section in case you are facing issues after the installation.

icon-book-arrowsFor a semi-automatic installation of a Remote Probe directly from the device tree in the PRTG web interface, see section Remote Probe Quick Setup.

icon-i-round-redDo you run PRTG in a cluster? Then mind this important note.


Knowledge Base: How can I customize PRTG's ports for core-probe-connections?



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