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Aurelio, System Admin at Paessler AG

This function allows you to visually compare the graphs of two or more specific sensors. The selected graphs are shown next to each other so you can have a look at all of them at the same time.

To open the page to compare graphs of several sensors, from the main menu, choose Sensors | Compare Sensors . Hover over it and select how many sensors you want to compare.

PRTG Main Menu: Compare SensorsPRTG Main Menu: Compare Sensors

Choose the number of sensors that you want to compare. This opens an assistant where you can define your desired sensors and the time span the particular graphs cover.

Compare Graphs of Two Sensors with 30 Days Time SpanCompare Graphs of Two Sensors with 30 Days Time Span

Compare Sensors Settings


Time Span

Specify the time span for which you want to show the graphs for. Choose between:

  • 2 days
  • 30 days
  • 365 days

Data Comparison

Select the objects you want to show a graph for. Click on Click here to select an object! to open the Object Selector . There appear as many selection screens as you defined before.

Select the Objects to be ComparedSelect the Objects to be Compared

PRTG shows the graphs immediately after object selection. You can now work with the compared graphs like on the historic data tabs of sensors: select the channels you want to show and zoom and scroll in the graphs. Click Select New Sensor to choose another sensor for comparison.

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