Web Server Load Tests Using Webserver Stress Tool

With the free Webserver Stress Tool, Paessler offers a powerful performance test tool for web servers. The software runs load tests on your web server by simulating multiple users accessing the program concurrently.

How are the Load Tests Conducted?

Webserver Stress Tool simulates users stepping through a set of URLs. Each user is simulated by a separate thread with its own session information and browses your website independently of the other users - just like in real-world Web usage. You can also test the server-side scripting by setting the parameters of this load testing tool to request frames, images, etc.

Network Load Tests

But not only your web servers, also your network has to support great loads. In network load tests, you should monitor network usage, as well as CPU and memory load of your network devices. PRTG Network Monitor is a comprehensive network management solution. It works as a router bandwidth monitor (using SNMP, packet sniffing and the Cisco ASA NetFlow protocol, PRTG calculates bandwidth usage and network traffic), syslog and SNMP Trap server, uptime and availability monitor, and includes many specialized sensors which allow you to monitor VoIP latency, email, database, and virtual servers (VMware, Hyper-V, Amazon Web Services), and so on. The software thus gives you a good overview of your network and the loads it has to support. Therefore, PRTG is also an obvious choice for Windows network troubleshooting and network utilization monitoring.


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IP Fabric

Combining the broad monitoring feature set of PRTG with IP Fabric’s automated network assurance creates a new level of network visibility and reliability.

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By integrating PRTG with Martello iQ, you can add a fast analytics layer to improve uptime, visualize your IT environment, and integrate all of your IT systems into a single pane of glass.

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UVexplorer integrates tightly with PRTG to bring fast and accurate network discovery, detailed device inventory, and automatic network mapping to the PRTG platform.

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