Paessler MIB Importer and Converter

Monitoring SNMP Devices Using Vendor Supplied MIB Data Files

With this freeware tool you can import MIB (Management Information Base) files and convert them into OID libraries for PRTG.


Please choose a version. There is an alpha version available with the latest features, but also former versions. Please uninstall previous versions before installing a new one.

Alpha Version
(for PRTG 12 or Later)

We recommend that you try the alpha version first. If it does not bring the expected results, you can still switch to the stable version. Any feedback is welcome!

MIB Importer 3.4.8 Alpha (1.9 MB)

Stable Version
(for Older PRTG Versions)

Choose the stable version (for PRTG 7 or later) if the alpha version does not work on your system and does not bring the expected results. 

MIB Importer 2.1 Stable (1.2 MB)

Legacy Version

This version is intended for PRTG 6. Support has ended for this version. Please switch to the current PRTG version.

MIB Importer 1.3b Legacy (1.7 MB)

Import of SNMP-MIB files into Paessler Monitoring Applications

Many network devices and programs come with so-called MIB files that describe the parameters and readings which are available for monitoring via SNMP. With MIB Importer you can import these MIB files (supplied by the vendor of your devices) and convert them into OID libraries for PRTG Network Monitor. Then you can easily setup SNMP Library sensors using the new OIDlib files.

A Few Words About MIB Files

MIB files are hardware and operating system independent information files that tell network manangement systems how to retrieve in-depth data using the SNMP protocol from network devices like routers, switches, network printers, disk arrays (even air conditioners) as well as many server software products (database servers etc.). MIB files describe the available readings in tables, values, registers using a special text format (Abstract Syntax Notation One ASN.1).





Because MIB files are written in this highly abstract definition language, they need to be translated into a more software compliant form so that PRTG can work fast and seamless with the data. This is the task of the MIB-Importer which translates MIB files into Paessler's XML-based OID-Library format.

MIB files are usually provided by the manufacturers of network devices and services (e.g. Cisco MIBs can be found here). Please visit your vendor's website or contact their support to get the MIB file for your specific device.



This program is provided as a freeware and thus for free for Paessler customers, mainly as an add-on for PRTG. Please understand that we cannot provide deep support for this program.


  • V3.4.8 Alpha update (January 17th 2014)
    • Enhanced compatibility
  • V3.4.7 Alpha update (September 13th 2013)
    • Enhanced compatibility
  • V3.4.6 Alpha update (March 12th 2013)
    • Enhanced compatibility
  • V3.4.5 Alpha update (March 8th 2013)
    • Fixed support for Lookup definitions
  • V3.0 Alpha (February 5th 2013)
    • Alpha version with enhanced MIB support
  • V2.1 (March 23rd 2009)
    • New: Added partial selection of OIDs and saving them into a new OIDLIB (saves only a subset of available OIDs into an oidlib file, useful for large MIBs with many OIDs)
    • New: Added"find previous" when searching for strings in the OIDs
  • V2.0.3 (January 13th 2009)
    • Improved MIB parsing
  • V2.0 (November 12th 2008)
    • Added support for PRTG Nework Monitor 7
    • Improved MIB parsing
    • V1.3b (August 1st 2007)
      • Improved MIB parsing
    • V1.2 (April 24th 2007)
      • Improved MIB parsing
    • V1.1 (January 24th 2007)
      • Improved MIB parsing
    • V1.0 (November 29th 2006)
      • Release version
    • V1.0 Beta 1 (November 23rd 2006)
      • Updated MIB parser
      • Download includes a preselected set of base MIB files
    • V0.3 Alpha (May 19th 2006):
      • Further improved MIB Parsing
    • V0.2 Alpha (Feb 27th 2006):
      • Improved MIB compiler
      • MIB Compiler shows error messages with line of source code
    • V0.1 Alpha (Feb 16th 2006):
      • Initial Alpha Release
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