With PRTG and the free Webserver Stress Tool, Paessler offers two advanced load and performance test tools. While Webserver Stress Tool Freeware is a load test tool that simulates hundreds or thousands of users accessing your web server at the same time, PRTG is a network management and monitoring solution that helps you assess your network's performance and warns you when the load on a server is getting too high.

PRTG Network Monitor - Stay on top of Your Network's Performance

Using SNMP, packet sniffing, and NetFlow, PRTG monitors network activity and tracks bandwidth usage by port or IP address. This way, the router bandwidth monitor helps you to find the cause of network performance issues, e.g. to find or avoid bottlenecks in your network connections. Apart from network utilization monitoring, the network port monitor also checks factors such as VoIP latency, CPU load, memory usage and disk space on your servers, giving you the possibility to react to network overloads before they affect the users of the network.

In order to give you at any time a complete overview of your network's performance, PRTG can also be used as a syslog server and SNMP trap receiver: the software receives log messages sent by network devices and can trigger alarms based on the content of those messages, alerting you at once when something out of the ordinary occurs in your network.

Webserver Stress Tool - Test how Your Web Server Reacts to Heavy Loads

The load and performance test software Webserver Stress Tool was designed to test a web server or web application under heavy load in real-time. The test results are shown in detailed test logs and several easy to read graphs, which make load and performance testing quick and easy. Thus the tool enables you to quickly adjust web server configurations in order to improve user experience. Many different load patterns can be generated to test normal and excessive conditions and different kinds of user behavior.


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