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Tests the accessibility of
WMI counters

WMI stands for "Windows Management Instrumentation" and is the technology
from Microsoft for monitoring and management of Windows based systems.



WMI works like a database and offers a variety of useful monitoring values of computers running Microsoft Windows. Products like Paessler's PRTG Network Monitor make use of the WMI functionality to monitor computers in network environments. WMI allows a process to read out data for many Windows configuration parameters as well as current system status values. Access can take place locally or remotely via a network connection. WMI is based on COM and DCOM and is integrated in Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and later.

As WMI access over a network is not quite trivial, the Paessler WMI Tester is a tool for testing the accessibility of WMI in a quick and easy-to-use way.

iIf you run into problems while accessing a remote PC via WMI, please review our guide to troubleshooting WMI issues.


Basic Usage

After starting Paessler WMI Tester you can enter the following data:

  • Domain: the Windows domain in which the computer you want to test is in. Leave empty when testing your own machine or a domainless machine (i.e. a standalone computer or a computer in a workgroup).
  • Host: the name of the computer you want to test. Leave empty when testing your own machine.
  • User: the name of the user that is allowed to log in on the machine you want to test. You MUST leave this empty when testing your own machine.
  • Password: the password of the user. You MUST leave this empty when testing your own machine.

Now click the “Test!” button. After a short time you will either see a result table showing information about the Windows system on the machine or an error message if something went wrong.


Advanced Usage

On this tab you can enter:

  • Domain prefix: will be added internally to the Host name (usually you can leave this at NTLMDOMAIN)
  • Namespace: the name space the WMI query will use, standard is root\CIMV2
  • Query: choose between six predefined query sets (operating system, processes, logical disks, memory, processor, network) or enter your own query (if you know how WMI works!)




iThis Freeware program is provided free for Paessler customers, mainly as an add-on for PRTG Network Monitor. Please understand that we can not provide technical support for this program.


  • V2.3.3.8 (September 5th 2017): Maintenance release
  • V2.3.3.7 (January 12th 2017): Maintenance release
  • V2.3.2.7 (May 4th 2016): Maintenance release
  • V2.3 (February 5th 2013): Updated contact data
  • V2.1 (December 21st 2009): Updated
  • V2.0.1 (December 2008): Updated
  • V1.1.2 (October 10th 2007): Initial Release