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PRTG Enterprise Monitor: More than just an alternative to DX Spectrum

Unified monitoring solution with service-based event correlation & advanced alert management

  • Get all monitoring functionalities & visualization options in a single solution
  • Enjoy great usability and easy device configuration & management
  • Benefit from advanced multi-tenancy capabilities for an unlimited number of customers

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DX Spectrum vs. PRTG Enterprise Monitor

The advantages of both monitoring solutions at a glance

DX Spectrum

  • Suitable for monitoring and managing dynamic, complex IT infrastructures
  • Highly scalable
  • Automatic network discovery including new software-defined networks (SDN)
  • Graphic network topology mapping
  • Event correlation
  • Root cause identification and analysis

PRTG Enterprise Monitor

  • Suitable for unified monitoring of dynamic, complex IT infrastructures
  • Highly scalable
  • Automatic network discovery and initial monitoring setup
  • Great visualization options including network topology maps and custom, widget-based dashboards
  • Superior event correlation based on business services and processes
  • At-a-glance root cause identification
  • Historic data for more detailed root cause analysis and future capacity planning
  • Advanced alerting and notification options to avoid alert fatigue
  • In-depth, highly customizable reporting
  • Subscription-based licensing with the full range of monitoring features included
  • No expensive software bundles for different monitoring tasks
  • Multi-tenancy capabilities included
  • Complete offline monitoring of air-gapped systems for higher security

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Start monitoring with PRTG Enterprise Monitor and see how it will make your IT infrastructure more reliable & secure


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Why Paessler PRTG Enterprise Monitor is the perfect alternative to DX Spectrum


All-in-one monitoring solution vs. one separate installation for each functionality

The challenge 

Monitoring large and complex infrastructures also means that the number of metrics you need to keep an eye on is nearly unlimited. Hardware parameters, bandwidth, network traffic, availability, performance, the use of different technologies and protocols – you name it.

This also means that if you need to buy different products out of a software bundle to get different monitoring features, or you need one server installation for each monitoring functionality as is the case with DX Spectrum as part of DX NetOps, costs will quickly rise to tens of thousands of dollars.

The solution: PRTG Enterprise Monitor 

PRTG Enterprise Monitor is your all-in-one monitoring solution for large infrastructures. With our tool, you get exactly what you pay for.

  • Get the full range of monitoring features, alerting, visualization & reporting included with every subscription license
  • Avoid expensive software bundles or complex server installations for various monitoring needs
  • Centrally monitor and manage an unlimited number of distributed locations – your own or your customers’ infrastructures – at no extra cost

Correlation of IT infrastructure & business layer vs. simple event correlation

The challenge 

IT systems in companies are complex, dynamic, and need to consolidate many layers – from physical hardware to software applications and virtual environments to the integration of on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments.

However, this is only the IT infrastructure layer. To get a comprehensive overview of all your systems, you need a monitoring solution that also keeps a close eye on your business services and processes.

This way, you can not only benefit from event correlation in your IT infrastructure as with DX Spectrum, but also correlate IT infrastructure and business service events and alarms.

The solution: PRTG Enterprise Monitor 

PRTG Enterprise Monitor includes ITOps Board, a powerful feature to enhance your monitoring setup with a centralized, business service-oriented overview across multiple PRTG servers.

  • Create dependency diagrams and dashboards for all business processes that you want to monitor with just a few clicks
  • Gather alerts and notifications from all your PRTG servers, automatically correlate them by business service, and prioritize them to reduce alert noise
  • Define SLOs for each business service and view automatically calculated SLA performance and availability metrics to prevent SLA breaches

Start monitoring with PRTG Enterprise Monitor and see how it will make your IT infrastructure more reliable & secure


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Save money with PRTG Enterprise Monitor



PRTG Enterprise Monitor comes with a flexible subscription license that’s based on the number of monitoring aspects – so-called PRTG sensors – that you require, as well as the duration of the subscription.

  • Only pay for the number of sensors that you really need
  • Save costs the longer you subscribe – 1, 3, or 5 years
  • Easily scale your subscription as your network grows
  • All monitoring features & maintenance included



“In addition to continuing our collaboration with Paessler in the enterprise sector, F.T.P’s future projects include using PRTG in the implementation of services to support the industrial world. Being able to rely on a partner like Paessler, who provides us with quality technical support, is a critical element of taking on this new challenge with absolute peace of mind.”

Stefano Talami, CEO at F.T.P.


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