Businesses increasingly rely on their networks to move data, provide communication, and enable basic operations. To ensure the availability and performance your network, a performance test should be run on a regular basis. PRTG Network Monitor is a comprehensive monitoring solution that covers the entire range of bandwidth, usage and availability monitoring. This bandwidth monitor and network management software is available as freeware edition with 100 sensors. Even the performance test freeware offers you all features and functionality needed for a professional network performance test.

But PRTG can do much more: it can monitor network usage and trace network traffic, inform you of possible issues and bottlenecks, gather long-term data (shown in graphs and tables), and it enables you to optimize your network. You can also use PRTG as aVMware monitor: with its VMware sensors, the Network Monitor is the perfect tool for monitoring virtualized environments.

Server Performance Test Freeware

Servers are an essential part of any network. As the load on servers can be subject to important changes over any period of time, you should make sure that your servers can cope with loads at peak times. Paessler's performance test freeware includes comprehensiveserver monitor functionality with special sensors for monitoring SQL servers, web servers, file servers, etc. With PRTG, you can thus closely monitor the load on your servers as well as the impact of the server load on the entire network.

Web Server Performance Test Freeware

If you need web server performance test freeware, Webserver Stress Tool is the right tool for you. It is a powerful HTTP-client/server test application for website and web server performance tests (including intranet), load tests, stress tests, and ramp tests. It is employed to find out how your web server handles high loads and to improve user experience.

Webserver Stress Tool is available as a Freeware.

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Stress Tool Now

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