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Try out our set of tools designed
specifically with IT professionals in mind!

We’ve created a set of tools that we think could make the lives of IT professionals easier.
But we need your help to make it better! Try out the Paessler Toolbox and let us know your thoughts
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Current Tools

The Toolbox is a collection of web-based free tools
designed to make your life just a little bit easier.


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DNS Lookup

Use the Domain Name Service lookup tool to debug DNS issues like global propagation, domain authority, MX records, security and performance.

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Website Checks

Analyze your website’s security, performance and best practices using several standardized checks.

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IP Geolocation

See the approximate location of an IP address.

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Port Check

Troubleshoot firewall and security issues by checking if a port is open or closed from various international locations.

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MAC Vendor

Use a MAC address to look up the hardware vendor for a specific device. This is useful when you do not recognize a device on your network, for example.

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Website Availability

Test your website’s reachability and latency by checking if a website responds to an HTTP(S) call from multiple international locations.





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