Sample Performance Tests


Latest Test Samples

We have performed a number of sample tests with Webserver Stress Tool. Please click the Details links for detailed test documentations including graphs and data.

Test Description

Probing the limits of a web server: Requesting a simple HTML page every 2 seconds in a ramp test 4,000 Details
In this test we wanted to see the difference between two web server programs on the same machine. 1,000 Details
In this test we are trying to find the maximum bandwidth a web server can serve.
100 Details



Prior Test Samples

These tests were performed in 2008 and are listed for your information.


Test Description

UsersPageviewsBandwidth kbit/s 
Probing the limits of a server: Comparing request times of a static HTML file vs. a CGI Script 1300 ~78,000 ~750 Details
Megabit/Gigabit Upgrade for a Download Server: Comparing user experience of a download server connected to a 100MBit and a GigaBit network 250 ~46,000 downloads ~120,000 Details
Limits of a Download Server for Large Downloads: Probing the maximum number of users without deterioration of performance 100 ~6,400 downloads ~480,000 Details
Probing a Webserver with 3000 Users: Running a test with up to 3000 users against an IIS6 server 3,000 ~1,050,000 ~10,000 Details
Webserver Burn-In Test: Testing a server with constant load for 8 hours 3,000 ~1,070,000 ~15,000 Details
PHP Script Stress Test: Up to 500 users accessing a PHP script perpetually 500 ~326,000 ~30,000 Details
Comparing PHP Script Performance on Linux and Windows: Running two tests with different server OS on the same hardware 500 ~285,500 ~24,000 Details