Version History of 
Webserver Stress Tool


okay white Version (Dec 15 2014)

  • Webserver Stress Tool is now Freeware


okay white Version (Aug 13 2012)

  • Improved support for 64bit Windows versions


okay white Version (Dec 17 2008)

  • Added a "Select Local IP Automatically" setting


okay white Version (Feb 2nd 2008)

  • Maintenance Release
  • Bugfix: For HTTPS webpages downloading of images with relative image URLs used HTTP instead of HTTPS
  • Bugfix: Fixed some optical issues on Microsoft Vista


okay white Version (Feb 21st 2007)

  • New: Full support for Microsoft Vista


okay white Version (Sep 25th 2006)

  • Changed: Help file now in CHM format (for Vista compatibility)
  • Changed: GUI support for XP and Vista skinning


okay white Version (Apr 25th 2006)

  • Bugfix: URL Script subroutine "OnAfterClick" was not executed after a click was finished


okay white Version (Apr 10th 2006)

  • New: After running a test in command line mode webstress writes the test report as a time-stamped DOC file and then closes (Tip: enable "ZIP logs" option to also keep a copy of all logfiles of each test)
  • Bugfix: In command line mode webstress7.exe used 100% CPU cycles


okay white Version (Feb 7th 2006)

  • Maintenance Release
  • Bugfix: Program freezes on some systems after clicking "Start Test"


okay white Version (August 4th 2005)

  • Bugfix: "Start test at" feature used incorrect start time


okay white Version (August 1st 2005)

  • New: Added detailed documentation of URL scripting functions (see manual)
  • New: Added global variables to URL scripting (see manual)
  • New: Added new string constants to URL scripting (see manual)