Thanks for choosing Paessler Site Inspector!

The Site Inspector software has now been installed on your system. Usually everything should work fine, but in some cases you need to do one more step to be able to access all features.

There are up to three options to use the analysis functions of Site Inspector:

  • Inside Site Inspector's own "Analyzing Browser"
  • In the Internet Explorer Toolbar of Site Inspector
  • In the Firefox Toolbar of Site Inspector (if you have Firefox installed)

The Analyzing Browser

You can start Site Inspector's stand alone browser by choosing the corresponding icon from the Start menu or from your quickstart area.

The Site Inspector Toolbars for IE and Firefox

Site Inspector automatically installs its toolbar into your IE and into Firefox so you can access the vast majority of its functions directly from your favorite browser. This toolbar will appear underneath the standard toolbar options (see image).

Troubleshooting for Internet Explorer

If this toolbar doesn't show up immediately in your Internet Explorer follow these steps:

  • Right click any toolbar of IE and you will see a list of all available toolbars. If there is no checkmark in front of the Paessler Site Inspector Toolbar entry, click this menu entry once.
  • Now you should see the toolbar in the IE window
  • If the toolbar does not show up completely or if it is too small, resize the toolbar using the mouse. Click on the text Site Inspector and drag the toolbar to another place as desired.
  • Note: If you can not change the position and the size of your toolbars be sure to uncheck the lock toolbars option!
  • Another way to toggle the display state of the Toolbar is to press the button "PSI Toolbar" which should appear in IE's button bar after installation.

Your Browsing Just Got Smarter - Now You Can Start Using Site Inspector!

Now that Site Inspector is installed on your system we recommend to take the Guided Tour for a quick overview of the functionality!

Guided Tour

Another way is to read the manual or click the Help button in PSI's toolbar!