Payload Decoding of IoT & LPWAN
devices made easy

IoT devices deliver LPWAN metering data and information in encoded payloads, usually in hexadecimal format.
Paessler BitDecoder supports you in structuring, marking and decoding complex payloads.



Visually Payload Decoding - made simple

The BitDecoder is designed as a software-as-a-service application and serves as middleware between the physical device
out in the field and the desired visualization solution by transforming the encoded bytes into a visible format.



Ready to decode your Sigfox payloads

No-code interface allowing the selection and description of bits delivered by your Sigfox device in a visual way.

Visually decoding: No programming

No programming skills required – Simple selection of your device’s type from the template list and association with your device.

Save time using
pre-defined templates

The BitDecoder comes with many pre-defined templates for many devices. Save development time and effort and start decoding payloads right away.


The BitDecoder hosts the code for you – so no need for a dedicated machine and its maintenance.


How Paessler BitDecoder works


Sigfox BitDecoder How it works

Why BitDecoder?


Payload Decoding

Today’s reality: You need a skilled programmer to write the decoding functionality and the code needs to be hosted on a dedicated machine that affords maintenance from time to time. Additionally, you have to configure the Sigfox callbacks and integrations into third party systems manually.

BitDecoder transfors hexadecimal machine language bit by bit into any format you want.

Integration & Forwarding

BitDecoder can send your data directly to an endpoint of your choice. You can send the data to Azure IOT Hub, AWS IOT, Paessler’s PRTG and more or create your own HTTP or MQTT integration for your endpoint.

Of course, we’ll forward the data also for further storage and processing.

Code & Storage

The BitDecoder delivers the decoded payload in JSON format. The entire solution is designed as a software-as-a-service application and serves as a middleware between your physical device out in the field and your desired visualization solution.

Decoded data is processed and passed on, but never stored.


BitDecoder & Sigfox


Sigfox Paessler Logo

Easy Sigfox Backend Integration

Before a Sigfox-enabled device can go into operation, specific callbacks must be defined manually in the Sigfox backend.

The BitDecoder will also help you with this registration.

All that is needed is your Sigfox login.



You know the pay-per-message model from your Sigfox account already. Paessler decided to keep it simple and adapted this price model too.

For the first months of the public beta phase the BitDecoder will be free of charge and then followed by a small sum on top of every decoded message.



BitDecoder goes public BETA in:

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