The Paessler Culture Deck

Our company is built on trust, excellence and agility and aims to thrill and empower people.




Our default setting for everything is transparency and trust. This is inevitable because in order to be able
to continue to grow, we want to move decision making as far down the org-chart as possible,
so we all need to have as much information as possible.

Therefore as a result everybody will derive more sense and meaning from his daily work.



For everything we do we aim for a level of quality that is well above average and we always strive to improve further. Constant improvement drives us, because yesterday's status quo is already boring today.

This applies to everything we do, regardless of its visibility to the outside world.



Flexible thinking ("outside the box") and the ability to move from one stable position to the next is what we aim for. When perfection and agility collide, agility wins. Being agile means that we will make mistakes. We accept that and we prepare for it. In such cases we get back on our feet, dust off, correct the issue, and carry on. 

If we never fail we did not try hard enough.



We want people to be excited about their interactions with us and our company, and this should happen to
customers, partners and employees. People get excited if they receive or experience more than they had expected.

Wherever we see a chance to over accomplish, we will take it.



We want to make heroes! We want to empower people: administrators that master their networks,
partners that build great relationships with their customers and fellow colleagues that grow every day.


We teach each other and will never stop learning

Our business is very knowledge-dependent and constantly changes - next year everybody will need to know more than this year. Sharing our knowledge with our colleagues will improve everybody’s capabilities all the time.


We rate team skills higher than stardom.

Our team is the star, not the individuals. Of course we need to have highly skilled specialists to run our business and with more and more people we become increasingly specialized, but we need specialists who work well as a team.
We prefer people who tend to put the good of their peers above their own ambitions.


We trust in skills and expertise and decision competence of the person/team in charge.

Most decisions are made by a select few people who have the necessary information and skills.
Our default assumption is that our colleagues are as well-intended as we are ourselves, and that they have put
all their expertise and preparation into the decision, even if we personally would come to a different conclusion. In particular this is important in a growing and quickly changing company. 


We explain our decisions.

People making decisions explain why they came to their conclusion (stating Pros&Cons or data) whenever possible.
Our goal is that everybody can understand why a specific decision was made.


We are proud but also humble.

We have created an exceptional and successful company. Few bootstrapped companies reach this size and
economic success. We can be proud of this. But we also know that success is difficult to maintain and
that it is very important to remain grounded and to stay humble.


We make employees participants of our business’ success.

We want every employee to receive a share of the profits and thereby of our company’s success.

good better

We give more than expected.

Whenever possible we give our customer/partner/colleague more than expected, more than required.
We want that people who interact with us feel that they have made a good deal.


We share our wealth/success

Philanthropy is a part of our culture. We place emphasis on local/regional activities as well as
activities where Paesslerists are personally involved.


We welcome diversity and treat everyone equally,
regardless of background, gender, sexual orientation,
faith, abilities (or anything else).

This goes without saying.