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This is where the PRTG magic happens. Join a team of truly passionate geeks who are also nice to spend time with.

Support / IT

Our Technical Support is world class - at least that’s what our customers keep saying. If you love to solve tricky problems, here’s where you belong.

BI / Analytics

We rely on data whenver possible. But what do they tell us? If you speak numbers and understand their stories – join the Paessler Team.

Sales /
Business Dev.

This bunch takes care of our partners and customers. They represent Paessler to the outside world, in the most friendly and professional Paessler way.

Marketing / PR

How do you communicate a product that you cannot touch? You have a million ideas already? Join the team.

HR / Finances

They keep the business as well as the office going. These teams take care of everything - from the budget management to the organization of all the fun stuff in the office.

Internship / Students

Nope, interns and students don’t make coffee. They have responsibility from the beginning and are full members of the team.


Just finished high school? Good. Paessler has decided to become a hotbed of new talents. Don’t waste time and apply for an apprenticeship.

  • For 2018, all Apprenticeship positions are already filled.


You didn't see what you were looking for? No problem - We love speculative applications!

  • If we come across CVs we like we keep them in mind! Please send us your CV to [email protected] along with a cover letter saying which team you would like to join.
    Also please allow us to keep your application for as long as we need. You won’t regret it. You won't feel sorry.