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How to disable email notifications
from Paessler and PRTG


1. Disable notifications from your PRTG installations

Take the following steps to disable email notifications from your PRTG installation that notify you,
for example, about the auto-discovery process or if there are new alarms.


Double-click the PRTG Network Monitor desktop icon.


Confirm the Windows User Account Control with Yes.


The login page opens in your browser. 

Enter the Login Name and the Password or leave the default values (prtgadmin) if you have not yet changed them. 

Click Log in.


The Welcome page opens. 

From the main menu, select Setup | Account Settings | My Account.


Scroll down to section Ticket System

Change the Email Notifications setting to Do not receive any emails from the ticket system.

Switch off emails from ticket system



Click Save.


From the main menu, select Setup | Account Settings | Notification Templates.


In the table, you can see that all notification templates show the Active status.

Click 09 disable notifications prtg templates pause button for each notification template to pause all notifications.


The notification templates must all show the Paused status so that you do not receive any email notifications from PRTG anymore.


2. Unsubscribe from emails sent by the Paessler Team

Take the following steps to unsubscribe from marketing or sales emails that you
receive from the sender "Paessler Team <[email protected]>".


Scroll down to the email footer. 

Click the link email preferences.


Enable the check box next to Unsubscribe me from all mailing lists

Click Update email preferences.


3. Opt out from email surveys


If you have contact with the Paessler Customer Service team, you usually receive a Customer Effort Survey (CES) email after a few days that asks you to rate your contact with us.

If you do not want to participate in this survey or in any other surveys that might follow,
reply to the email and tell us that you want to opt out. You can also only write the word optout in your reply.

13 disable notifications opt out from surveys


4. Request the deletion of your personal data


If you want to have all your personal data deleted from the Paessler systems in accordance with data protection laws, contact the Paessler Data Protection Officer in a separate email to [email protected] and ask them to delete all your personal data.


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