Rittal and Paessler PRTG Network Monitor – perfect together




Comprehensive monitoring by Rittal CMC III and PRTG

Rittal and Paessler PRTG go perfectly together! PRTG keeps a constant eye
on all the important data from your Rittal CMC III.


PRTG monitors the following parameters:

  • All the readings from your CMC III, including humidity and room temperature
  • Air conditioning, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), and power distribution units (PDU)
  • Server components such as hard drives, workload, performance, and availability

By pairing Rittal CMC III with Paessler PRTG, you can monitor your entire data center.



A preconfigured sensor for immediate monitoring

Thanks to our SNMP Rittal CMC III Hardware Status sensor, you can incorporate your Rittal CMC III into your monitoring system with just a few clicks and instantly obtain an overview of all the most important data. PRTG also offers an alarm function with customizable notifications that immediately let you know when an error or malfunction is about to occur.


PRTG and Rittal: Consolidating IT/OT and data centers

In order to ensure the smooth running of IT environments and applications, facility management and IT administrators must work more closely than ever. With PRTG and CMC III, this teamwork becomes easy.


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Everything at a glance: Easy-to-read dashboards in PRTG

CMC III is a monitoring tool that helps you make sure your IT is working properly. When you link it to PRTG, you get easy-to-read dashboards that let you check all statuses at a quick glance.


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