If you use PRTG "out-of-the-box" you are running the so-called "Stable Channel" which gives you our best tested and most conservative version of PRTG.

Please see the following link for the latest changes in the software.

Release Notes for "Stable Channel" (Most users use this channel!)

And You Have Access to Upcoming New Features, Too!

With the Preview and Canary channels you have access to the latest development and test versions of PRTG. This allows you to run and test new features in your network before they become officially available in the Stable channel a few weeks later.

Please refer to the following links for the respective release notes:

Release Notes for "Preview Channel"

Release Notes for "Canary Channel" (Use with caution!)

Comparison of Update Channels for PRTG

 DescriptionWho Should Use It?Update Cycle
Stable Most thoroughly tested version, the "conservative option" Recommended for installations you have to depend on
Preview Contains new features that will move to stable in the following weeks after final testing. This version has been tested successfully in our labs. Users who want to use or evaluate upcoming features. We recommend using this versions on a dedicated test system Weekly
Canary The cutting edge version with all the latest features. This version is updated every night and is published after preliminary automated testing only. Do NOT run this software on your live systems, please run a dedicated test system for the Canary channel. Your feedback will help us to improve the software! Nightly Builds


For more information about release channels, please see our blog post Version 12 of PRTG introduces "Continuous Rollout"

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