PRTG is not only popular because it is feature-rich and easy to use. It may also open up new business possibilities for our partners within the Paessler Partner Network you might not have thought about in the first place. This is what happened when our Guatemalan partner ODISA Digital, who is a specialist in monitoring and network security, learned that German partner ICON Software GmbH developed a set of PRTG sensors that allows IT administrators to monitor their SAP system with PRTG.

ICON Software is a dedicated Paessler technology partner since 2011 and has many years of experience with SAP systems. Evidently it was just a matter of time for them to come up with a solution that allows users to flexibly expand the PRTG network monitoring functionalities to their SAP systems. ICON Software put together an extensive package of approximately 40 different SAP sensors which can easily be integrated into PRTG using the "EXE/Script (Advanced)" sensor type. With the aid of RFC (Remote Function Call), these sensors can retrieve a lot of different information and measurements from the local as well as from remote SAP R/3 systems, e.g. response times, accessibility and CPU usage. ICON Software founder and CEO Ernst Baumann adds: "Thanks to the simple possibility to extend PRTG through the open API I was able to offer my clients a very easy way to monitor their SAP systems. The existing values can simply be integrated in the existing monitoring scenario- it's brilliant!"

When Carlos Echeverria, commercial director of Odisa read about ICON Software's development in the Paessler company blog, he was absolutely fond of the idea to monitor SAP systems with PRTG. Consequently he immediately touched base with ICON Software's Ernst Baumann in order to discuss a possible strategic venture. "When I found out that ICON Software had developed SAP sensors for PRTG I instantly knew this will be a highly interesting solution, not only for the European, but also for the Central American market" says Carlos Echeverria. Both, Baumann and Echeverria decided to bring together ICON Software's innovative technology knowledge and Odisa's strong Central American distribution network and officially announce their partnership.