Unified Monitoring

PRTG Network Monitor is a Unified Monitoring Solution


IT administrators face the challenge of keeping track of their entire IT infrastructure. The Unified Monitoring Tool PRTG Network Monitor gives you a vendor agnostic, single view of your entire IT infrastructure.

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Use PRTG for a Unified Network Monitoring

Out-of-the-box, PRTG includes monitoring of

  • All the physical hardware, such as servers, workstations, routers, switches, printers, etc.
  • Traffic flows within your network and internet traffic
  • Virtualization (virtual servers as well as the hardware the virtual machines are running on)
  • Applications and services (no matter if they are running on physical or virtual machines), such as mail servers, IIS, Sharepoint, databases, Windows services, etc.

PRTG can be downloaded and installed in a matter of minutes. The software includes a user-friendly web interface that shows you the state of your network at a glance. For a truly unified monitoring, all PRTG editions - including the freeware - offer the whole functionality.

The PRTG editions only differ by the number of sensors (monitoring points).

unified IT monitoring: PRTG's sunburst view Unified IT monitoring: PRTG's sunburst view gives you an easy-to-read single view of your network

Beyond Traditional IT: Unified Monitoring

Trends such as 'Internet of Things' and 'Smart Manufacturing' are adding more and more 'things' to the network that are not classic computing devices.

Administrators are becoming responsible for the correct temperature of a refrigerator, the maintenance rate of a robot, or the functioning of a heart rate monitor. To meet all these new challenges they need a monitoring solution that can integrate all these things into a unified monitoring.

PRTG Network Monitor comes with an API and lots of templates. That makes it easy to create individual sensors to monitor any device or application that supports Ping, SNMP or other protocols, or that comes with an API itself. PRTG gives the administrator a central control station not only for the classic IT, but for the entire company infrastructure and even more.

Check out some examples of 'Things' that our customers are already monitoring.

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