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The solution for large IT environments

Enterprise IT environments consist of hundreds and thousands of devices, applications, and services. Managing such landscapes is not only hard because of their complexity and heterogeneity but also because of their sheer size. 

PRTG Enterprise Monitor has not only been designed to give IT operators of large environments one single, easy-to-use solution that monitors everything at a broader overview level based on IT services but also as a solution to generate lots of detailed information and data for certain aspects of an IT environment such as storage and servers. 


Monitor everything

PRTG Enterprise Monitor is vendor agnostic. It can monitor almost every device, application, or service using all common monitoring protocols or the documented API. But even beyond classic IT, PRTG supports industry-specific protocols to monitor medical devices, shop floors, IoT setups, and much more. 

  • One solution for your entire monitoring, from infrastructure to network, from applications to cloud services, from databases to storage, from virtual environments to IoT, and much more.
  • Support of industry-specific protocols such as DICOM, HL7, and MQTT for monitoring medical infrastructures, shop floors, environments, or IoT setups.
  • Documented API and sensor script templates for fast and easy custom integrations. 
  • Free, downloadable sensor templates for special purposes.

Alert management & SLA modeling

The most important task for large IT environments is to keep track of the things that matter. PRTG Enterprise Monitor minimizes alert noise and ensures that you never miss information that matters. 

ITOps Board – your bird’s-eye view

ITOps Board offers enterprise-level dashboards and functionality: 

  • Only see what affects your users and business processes.
  • ITOps Board models and tracks SLAs based on IT services.
  • See alerts and notifications from a user, an application, or an infrastructure perspective, and prioritize actions according to relevance.

Notification methods and escalation levels

PRTG Enterprise Monitor comes with more than 10 built-in technologies for alerting and notifications. Avoid alarm floods by scheduling your alerts and by using dependencies.



Dashboards and mobile apps

Web interface and desktop application with high security standards
See every detail from port to disk. Drill down for root cause analysis and create individual maps for each member of your team and their tasks and responsibilities. All user interfaces allow SSL-secured local and remote access and can be used simultaneously. 

Mobile apps 
Native apps for iOS and Android keep you informed wherever you are. React on the go, acknowledge alerts, and adjust settings. 


Easy installation, automation, and customization

The more complex a solution is, the less it will be used. As it is crucial that you and your team monitor your IT 24/7the tool for your IT monitoring should be easy to use. This has always been the main focus when designing and building PRTG.  

  • Easy setup and an auto-discovery of your devices for a quick proof of concept and significantly reduced project times
  • Out-of-the-box support for common devices and applications with over 250 predefined sensors
  • Easy integration of new devices and applications using simple routines, device templates, and auto-discovery 
  • Customizable dashboards for detailed views as well as IT service-based overviews for IT operators and management 

Scaling for large and distributed environments

While PRTG has an eye on every single detail, ITOps Board bundles and organizes details in IT services. Horizontally scale your monitoring with PRTG Enterprise Monitor  easily and almost unlimitedly and always stay on top of things. No matter how many locations you have to monitor. 

  • The licensing model of PRTG Enterprise Monitor is perfect for monitoring large, distributed environments: Unlimited servers and remote probes combined with the service-based overview of ITOps Board not only make it easy and affordable to monitor as many sites as needed like data centers or branch offices but also to segment your IT logically according to teams and tasks. 
  • Due to the subscription-based licensing model, PRTG Enterprise Monitor adjusts easily and is cost-friendly for any network size. 
  • ITOps Board, with its IT service-based overview, scales to almost every size of IT environment and assures the best possible overview for specialists as well as for management. It lets you define SLAs based on IT services and helps you keep track of them. 

Monitor everything!

Thanks to PRTG, you can monitor everything in your infrastructure including
LANs, WANs, servers, websites, applications, and much more.



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