October 20, 2010 - Source: dave.harris.net

PRTG Network Monitor 8 Review

By Dave Harris


Dave Harris is from the West Midlands, UK and works as an IT Systems Engineer:

I’ve been running version 8 for a little while now and it's pretty awesome.

There are a lot of improvements over version 7, a lot of the aesthetics have changed, this might be quite sad to admit, but I really prefer the new status box icons! It’s also now even easier to use in my opinion and gives for much greater control of your network. There’s a whole heap of Linux monitoring stuff (which I won’t be looking at just yet), some NTP and LDAP monitoring (which I have added and they work very well), a WMI uptime sensor which is pretty handy, a whole load of VMware monitoring, Cluster Statuses, Packet Sniffing (which I plan on using later this week) and a stack more.

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