October 11, 2013 - Source: funkschau

Comparison Test:
Nothing Comes without a Price

From the Funkschau Lab


by Dirk Jarzyna, Journalist and freelancer at funkschau

"...do companies really save money using open source products instead of a commercial package? We've compared the popular network monitoring product Paessler PRTG Network Monitor (commercial) with Nagios Core (open source) in order to answer this and other questions."


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"It quickly became obvious that this was a comparison like ‘Dacia Logan vs. Mercedes S-Class'. [...] PRTG takes the lead not only for installation and the startup configuration but also for configuration changes, user management and report creation. [...] A world of difference lies between the graphical user interfaces of the two products: on one side a fast, modern, complete and optically pleasing interface - on the other a rather archaic, rudimentary interface. [...] Despite my love for open source software, I have no choice but to name PRTG Network Monitor as the clear winner of this comparison."